Aussie Rocket Stove

Small in stature but mighty efficient little camp cookers. All 3 models are a true “FLAT PACK” rocket stove that simply “SLOT” together with NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY in under a minute.

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The Wedge™

This compact, versatile and truly “FLAT PACK” fire pit has a host of uses. It just wedges or slots together in a matter of seconds. It disassembles just as quickly too. No tools, nuts, bolts, screws etc. are required.

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From $299
Equilateral Fire Pit

Made from 6mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ 100% Aussie steel right here in Australia by an all Australian owned business SLOT ME IN™. It’s available as a vented side model (“SupaFlow Sided™”) and solid sided model (“Solid Sided™”).

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From $599
The Wombat™

This huge fire box will keep everyone warm at camp and well fed. Designed with larger groups of campers for 4×4 expeditions, school camps, clubs, pubs, bars, wineries, beside the man cave or just in the backyard at home. Requires no tools or fixings, it simply “slots’ together.

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From $1199
Aussie Volcano Slide

Designed as a stand alone chiminea or with a host of accessories. THE SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ comes ready to use. It will give you year round extended outdoor entertaining with it’s glowing warmth and ambience providing a cosy focal point to all gather around.

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From $999

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Aussie Made, Aussie Materials, Aussie Owned Products made with Xelerplate Steel Steel Supplied By Bluescope Steel