The Wombat™

This huge fire box will keep everyone warm at camp and well fed. Designed with larger groups of campers for 4×4 expeditions, school camps, clubs, pubs, bars, wineries, beside the man cave or just in the backyard at home. Requires no tools or fixings, it simply “slots’ together.

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The Wombat Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™

100% Australian made 100% Australian materials 100% Australian owned…

Just like its predecessor the “ORIGINAL” take anywhere “FLAT PACK” fire pit & camp cooker THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… that’s another “AAA” for Australia.

Genuine 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE® Steel.
(This time in a tread plate pattern or more commonly referred to as “checker plate”).

Assembles and disassembles in seconds. “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED”.

Packs “FLAT” for easy storage and transportation. “A GREAT SPACE SAVER”.

760mm L x 760mm W x 30mm H packed in the aluminum undertray, also made in “checker plate” material.

Multiple uses such as a fire pit, up to 3 spits all at once, grill, bbq, camp oven cooking ( will hold up to 4 large camp ovens all at once ) just to name a few. This is one seriously large and versatile fire pit & camp cooker. Ideal for larger groups of campers, tag along 4×4 expeditions, school camp groups, sporting clubs, scout & girl guide groups, bars, clubs, bistros or beside the man cave or in the backyard at home.

Safe to use on lawns, decks, patios and in caravan parks * and national parks * with our innovative water fill-able under tray, provided the tray is kept full of water and the fire is not left unattended. * (where fires are permitted ). No more ugly black scars on the ground at camp. ONLY FOR OUTDOOR USE.

Removable spit rotisserie support brackets (3 sets) with POZILIFT™. Removable cookware support bars (4) with POZILOK™ and POZILIFT™, SMI Multi-Tool™ and heat resistant leather safety gloves.

No unnecessary painted surfaces. This eliminates toxic fumes, odours, contamination of food and keeps unwanted chemicals out of the environment.

Precision laser cut fabrication with unique stress folds for a superior finish, durability and function.

Fuel efficient design for maximum heat output with our innovative drafting ventilation on all 4 sides allows the fire to “breath” combining great oxygen flow to mix with the fuel.

THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ kit comprises the following.

  • 5 piece fire box (4 sides and a base with stress relief folds for the hottest of fires). It just all “SLOTS” together. “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED”.
  • 4 cookware support bars (with our POZILOK™ notches & POZILIFT™ lugs for safety).
  • 3 complete sets of rotisserie support brackets (to cater for up to 3 rotisseries to be used all at once). All with POZILIFT™ for safety.
  • 1 SMI Multi-Tool™ (the same as used with THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ with a host of functions). It’s a fire poker, camp oven & lid lifter, billy lifter, spanner for the rotisserie shaft, grill & hot plate lifter, stubborn tent peg puller, lifts and removes all brackets and cooking support bars with our POZILIFT™ lug and like all good Aussie inventions it even has an inbuilt stubby opener.
  • 1 pair of leather heat resistant safety gloves.
  • 1 water fill-able undertray.

Set up measuring 710mm wide by 710mm long x 360mm high.

Packed up measuring 760mm x 760mm x 30mm in the undertray.

Weight is 48.3 kg (full kit) or around 4 jerry cans of fuel as a comparison, (a minimum of a 2 person lift is required or it can be carried in separate pieces, the heaviest being 9kg). The pieces can be dispersed throughout several vehicles if travelling in groups for weight conscious travelers. When you get to camp you will have one seriously large capacity solid fuel cooker to feed the whole tribe, then when you have finished cooking you have a huge contained fire box to keep all at camp toasty and warm around and enjoy the great outdoors by.

A full range of accessories are available to suit, such as hot plates, grills, rotisseries, cooking/ smoker / rotisserie/ roasting/ warming hood and camp cookware to name a few. See our “Fire Pits & Accessories” & “Camping Cookware” links under “PRODUCTS” for the full range.

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Aussie Made, Aussie Materials, Aussie Owned Products made with Xelerplate Steel Steel Supplied By Bluescope Steel