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Designed as a stand alone chiminea or with a host of accessories. THE SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ comes ready to use. It will give you year round extended outdoor entertaining with it’s glowing warmth and ambience providing a cosy focal point to all gather around.

From $999
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At home on your deck and patio or clubs, pubs, bars, bistros, the mancave and more. Made from Australia’s finest steel. Precision laser cut and concealed fixed to handle the hottest fires and the tough Aussie outdoors.

From $999

The Aussie Volcano™

100% Australian made 100% Australian materials 100% Australian owned…
Aussie, Aussie Aussie…that’s a “AAA” for Australia following in the footsteps of THE WEDGE & WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™.

THE SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ is a unique fully assembled “fire pit” drawing on the ancient chiminea design of long ago with a modern Aussie twist of materials used, manufacture process, design, function and appearance.

Made from Genuine 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. (The fire box requires a bed of clean washed sand to a depth of around 40mm in the base which roughly equates to 15kg of clean washed sand prior to lighting your first fire).
It can be used directly on timber decking, paving and the like (provided the surface is level and the sand bed is incorporated in the set up) as its design has 4 inbuilt sturdy legs which raise it above the ground and combined with the sand bed insulate heat transmission from going downwards (no need for any separate stand to rest it in which can be a hazard if knocked and possibly topple over causing injury or damage to people or property). Its superior design with the inbuilt legs and super low centre of gravity make it extremely stable and safe to use on all level surfaces.

4 long tapered sides with a huge fire bed and fire box create a super efficient burn that draws oxygen through the fire box opening down low combining with the fuel to give an incredible draft and burning efficiency leaving minimal ash so you won’t need to empty out the fire bed that often saving time and mess and giving you more time to enjoy the cosy comfort of sitting around the fire.

Superior fire box opening and size over conventional chimineas. This allows larger pieces of wood to be burnt (no more trying to fit in twigs and cut your wood into tiny pieces) and gives an extended burning time without the need to refuel too often. A larger fire box opening to see the fire also provides more ambience along with more radiated heat providing superior, comfort and enjoyment of your chiminea. You can even fit a small camp oven inside the fire box of the chiminea too if you say wanted to cook a damper or roast with the coals.

It won’t crack, split or chip like cast iron or clay type chimineas, which are often made from dubious material input with little or no quality control and no consistency of manufacture.

It won’t burn out like cheap and thin “tin plate” type fire pits or chimineas. It will give you year after year of enjoyment and true value for money.

Available with a host of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the main chiminea such as the SMI FIRE PIT/CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ which allows you to place the chiminea on top of it for easy maneuvering with its 4 heavy duty wheels that are safe to use on timber decking as they have a polyurethane tread that won’t damage a timber decking surface and are 100kg rated each. The trolley is also great to store your firewood on as there is plenty of room around the chiminea left once it’s positioned in the centre of the trolley. There is also an SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA FLUE EXTENSION ™ that raises any smoke emitted another 700mm above the chiminea if it does occur (smoke is often dependent on the fuel being used, good dry hardwoods are the best and give off minimal smoke). Further there is the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO RAIN LID™ for when not in use to cover the chiminea top preventing any rain from soaking the sand bed/fire box and keeping it dry for when next required if stored in the open, not undercover between uses.

THE SMI AUSSIE VOCANO CHIMINEA™ measures 1180mm high and 550mm square at the base tapering to 180mm square at the top, which includes the 4 inbuilt legs which raise the fire box sides 150mm above the ground surface. It weighs 60.5 kg empty and requires close to 15kg of cleaned washed sand in the fire box base to a depth of around 40mm. With the sand ready for use it weighs around 75.5kg. It’s made from genuine 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel.

The SMI AUSSIE FIRE PIT/CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ measures 120mm in height from top of deck to wheel base and 950mm square and weighs 28.3 kg. It has 4 heavy duty (race ball bearing construction/360 degree swivel/polyurethane tread and 100kg rated each wheels). Available in a smooth finish or tread plate pattern. The later was designed for use with THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ to match the same tread plate pattern as the fire box and water tray of THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™. It can be of course used with THE SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ to give a contrast feature. Both trolleys are made from 3mm thick genuine BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRUE-SPEC™ steel in smooth or tread plate options.

The SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO FLUE EXTENTION™ is made from 5mm thick, 150mm internal diameter BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel with a fixed junction plate attached of the same material and thickness. It rises 700mm above the chiminea and inserts 100mm internally with a secure slip in/pull out procedure and will not dislodge and fall if bumped due to the 100mm insertion into the chiminea top making it a safe and easy accessory to use. It weighs 12.3 kg.

The SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO RAIN LID™ measures 205mm square with a downward folded edge to secure it from dislodging if it were bumped. It has a handle attached for ease of lifting on or off. It’s made from 3mm thick genuine BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRUE-SPEC™ steel and weighs 1.4kg.

The combined height if used on the trolley with the extended flue is 2000mm and a total weight of 101.1kg empty (add another 15kg for the sand bed and 1.4kg for the rain lid and all up it would be 117.5kg).

Another great accessory is the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA SOMBRERO SHELF™. It simply “SLOTS” over the top of the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ providing  a surrounding solid shelf, allowing you to rest fry pans, camp ovens and similar on. You can simmer and cook on it (or keep food already cooked warm) as it is in direct contact with the main chiminea body and as such will heat up. It has handy hanging holes also to allow for fry pans etc to be hung from it with the aid of butcher’s hooks on the two sides and rear also (27 holes in all). It’s made from the same steel as the main chiminea body 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE ™ TRU-SPEC ™ steel and measures 750mm W x 750mm L x 60mm D and weighs 26.5kg. When the chiminea is NOT IN USE it makes a handy table or shelf to rest drinks , plates, bowls etc on when entertaining. Be sure to remember though that they are removed when using the chiminea for a fire.

With firewood as your fuel what better way to keep it all neat ‘n’ tidy than with the SMI FIREWOOD NEAT ‘N’ TIDY™. A simple “SLOT” together 3 piece firewood stacking system to keep your firewood upright in a neat stack on a deck or patio. Made from 3mm BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel with strengthening folds and easy grip handle holes it can hold easily a quarter of a tonne (often referred to as a metric ton) of firewood securely, eliminating messy firewood piles. Simply just pick a piece from the top and work your way down as you burn it. From flat pack it assembles in seconds and requires NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS. Set up it measures 900mm W x 850mm H. The stable base piece  measures 200mm wide , 900mm long and 75mm deep. The 2 vertical arms simply SLOT into the base and tilt out until locking. Firewood then is then simply stacked where it remains secured and tidy. All up empty the SMI FIREWOOD NEAT ‘N’ TIDY weighs 17kg and packs down to 900mm L x 200mm W and 75mm D.

The SMI MULTI-TOOL™ makes a great fire poker for the SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ and for those of you who own THE WEDGE OR WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™ you will know what we mean. It is available separately if required and listed in our products under “fire pits & accessories”.

Available as a stand alone chiminea with optional accessories. See our “Fire Pits & Accessories” link with pricing inclusive of GST. The SMI AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ can be purchased as a special order from authorized SLOT ME IN™ distributors if not stocked. Shipping will be additional and dependent on the items chosen (weight & dimensions) and destination of shipping.

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