Equilateral Fire Pit

Made from 6mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ 100% Aussie steel right here in Australia by an all Australian owned business SLOT ME IN™. It’s available as a vented side model (“SupaFlow Sided™”) and solid sided model (“Solid Sided™”).

From $599
Equilateral Slide 2

FULL RANGE OF ACCESSORIES TO SUIT: Including a unique 3 in 1 Combination Hot Plate, Grill and Spit Rotisserie, Deck Trolley and Water Fillable Undertray. All available separately or as a complete package.

From $599

Equilateral Fire Pit™

The SLOT ME IN™ EQUILATERAL FIRE PIT™ is a unique 3 sided fire pit based on an equilateral triangle with a raised above ground drop in base plate. It transports as a FLAT PACK and simply SLOTS together requiring NO FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY. It can be used as a feature fire pit in a designated FIRESCAPED™ area at home or can even be taken away camping. The fire is contained in the fire box and above the ground on the base plate. With the optional water fillable undertray it can be safely used on lawns or timber decks without damage to either provided the tray is kept full of water while in use. With the addition of a deck trolley (water fillable undertray must be used in conjunction with the deck trolley) it can easily be moved around on the heavy duty non scratch wheels supporting the trolley to a desired position on your deck or patio. Do not move the fire pit when in use, always select the desired position before use.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™. Cheers Waz from Oz

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Aussie Made, Aussie Materials, Aussie Owned Products made with Xelerplate Steel Steel Supplied By Bluescope Steel