SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit
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SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit

Following on from our release earlier this year in February 2022 of the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head ‘N’ Hook XP™ by Slot Me In™ we would like to introduce a new “combo kit” in stainless steel (“SS”), the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit. This new product (combo kit) has the same profile “head ‘n’ hook” section as the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head ‘N’ Hook XP™ model except it is made from 304 grade stainless steel in a 5mm thickness. 

The new stainless steel (“SS”) “head” and “hook” sections are linked together with 1 meter (1000mm) of 316 marine grade stainless steel heavy duty welded closed link 4mm gauge chain. Each end of the chain is fastened by the traditional and time honoured “black smithed” method of cold riveting with 6.25mm diameter shank stainless steel rivets to both the “head” ‘n’ “hook” sections making the entire assembly of the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head ‘N’ Hook SS™ component fully stainless steel ready for a lifetime of use over “FLAME ‘N’ COALS”. You won’t find a more robust, compact, durable, strong yet lightweight and innovative tripod cooking system that’s 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials than the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit. The “hook” opening often referred to as the “crook” opening on the “hook” is a large 25mm (same as the “XP” model) and easily accommodates all camp oven handles including open spring type ones too forming a deep “V” configuration to secure your hanging cookware.

To add to this kit we have also designed, engineered, and manufactured an innovative and unique modular stainless steel interlocking pole system to form the basis of the 3 legs required to set up your SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit in a tripod configuration over your fire. Each of the 3 legs consist of 3 individual pieces that just “SLOT” together as our name suggests Slot Me In™ with NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY. There are 9 sections (3 per pole) of 25mm diameter stainless steel tubing (304 grade) in this kit each at 495mm in length and each section of tubing has (at one end) our unique, original, and innovative swaged reduction end so that each section of tube simply just “slots” into the one above to form a pole of approximately 1425mm in length when assembled. No unnecessary screws, nuts, pins, or washers are required to secure the pole sections together as the force from the head down locks all the tube sections rigidly together for each leg. With these engineered leg sections, the kit becomes a real space saver too taking up minimal space, now only 500mm long in the included storage/transit bag. No more lugging around long and awkward tripod poles.

When set up for use the footprint of the tripod forms an equilateral triangle on the ground with the leg spacings at 1250mm apart (leg to leg straight line distance). The height from the ground up to the tripod head section is also 1250mm thus forming an equilateral 3-dimensional pyramid, one of the strongest and most stable geometrically engineered shapes possible and perfect for heavy loads especially when using cast iron camp ovens. As with the original “head” section in the first released “XP” model the new “SS” model has the same upward formed locking link holder allowing full up or down adjustment of the chain length and locking it into position for your required height above the fire below.

Also included in the kit is our stainless-steel model “SS” variation of the SMI Multitool™, a unique combo tool that can be used as a fire poker, camp oven or billy lifter, tent peg puller and much more including our innovative stubby opener, it just wouldn’t be Aussie without it. We have also included a pair of heavy-duty leather gauntlet style safety/heat resistant gloves and a handy storage/transit bag to keep the entire kit altogether in when not in use.

Packed in the transit/storage bag the entire kit (bag size) measures 500mm L x 150mm W x 150mm H and weighs just 4.620 kg in total. There is ample spare room left in the bag for plenty of other accessories too that you might like to add as well if required.

Be sure to check out our range of billy’s, kettles, and SMI Aussie Camp Ovens™ that are just perfect for use on this tripod cooking system as well as our SMI UFO 550™ & SMI UFO 600™ model hot plates & combo hot plate/grills (the latter 2 of which require the additional SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Tri Chain Connect™ system) to connect to the “hook” section of the SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head ‘N’ Hook SS™ component.

The new SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod SS™ Combo Kit is now available to purchase directly and exclusively from Slot Me In™ for $269.00 plus shipping and ships Australia wide.

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