SMI Aussie 510 Kebab Skewer SS™ (Set of 4)
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SMI Aussie 510 Kebab Skewer SS™ (Set of 4)

This month sees the release of our shorter model 510 cooking “skewers” following last month’s release of the longer 900 model. Perfect for use over “FLAME ‘N’ COAL™” cooking in or on all types of solid fuel fire pits, grills, bbqs, chimineas, ground fires and much more.

Commonly called skewer, kebab, shaslick, shiskebab, shashlik or similar they are designed so you can secure or “skewer” your produce on them and use them to cook over fire, resting them on two supporting edges of the fire containing vessel being used or similar.

Measuring 510mm overall in length they have our classic “Ring Scroll” design handle and a decorative and strengthening spiral twist design incorporated towards one end for ergonomics and ease of usage.

There is a huge 400mm length of produce capacity on the bar to secure your desired “KOOKUP™” onto before the start of the spiral and handle that makes up the remainder of its length.

Each individual “skewer” is 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials in a traditional black smithed method by Slot Me In™. They are made from hygienic and durable 304 food grade stainless steel for ease of care, cleaning and repetitive usage for a lifetime of enjoyment. No unnecessary waste going to landfill as they are designed for the most discerning of over the fire cooks and will outlive the cook too.

The rectangular solid flat profile of the stainless steel bar used in each SMI Aussie 510 Kebab Skewer™ ensures that the produce skewered to it will not spin or roll when rotated or flipped over during the cooking process, a common problem encountered with round single prong skewers. Being stainless steel too ensures ease of maintenance as they won’t rust and don’t require continual seasoning or oiling as ones made from black or raw steel do.

The SMI Aussie 510 Kebab Skewer SS™ measures 510mm L x 12mm W x 35mm H and weighs 0.150kg each. They are sold as set of 4 units (weighing 0.600kg) for $59.00 plus shipping Australia wide and are exclusive to Slot Me In™.

By the way if you require a particular custom length of skewer (in this same design or similar) we will custom make them for you (minimum of 4 pieces). Simply get in touch and we will quote you ($ POA).

Happy cooking, camping, and travels wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours, “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™” and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, “Waz from Oz™”

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