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With winter arriving this month here in Australia what better time than to introduce 2 new model Wombat Fire Pits™, the SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pits™ in both “SOLID SIDED™” and “SUPA FLOW™ options as permanent additions to our extensive range, previously only made to custom order.

The 2 models of the SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pit™ (Solid Sided™ & Supa Flow™) are based on our original Wombat Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™ model with a modern designer look and unique variation for a fire pit that will take centre stage in any INFIREDSCAPE™ be it in the backyard at home or in a commercial premises such as a winery, bistro, pub, restaurant, or the like.

 Both models are made from 100% Australian 6mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ True-Spec™ steel and are CNC precision laser cut for the perfect finish. Each model consists of 5 pieces (4 sides & a base) that simply just “SLOT” together with “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY™” as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™. 

The “SOLID SIDED™” model is just that a fire pit with solid sides and the “SUPA FLOW™” model is one where each of the four sides has strategically positioned diamond shape venting holes (7 in each side) for extra oxygen intake. Both models at the 4 corner junctions angle down slightly too for additional oxygen intake as well as for atheistic design with all intersecting points softly radiused.

Both models when set up measure 860mm L x 860mm W x 380mm H with the “SOLID SIDED™” model weighing 71.200kg and the “SUPA FLOW™” model weighing 70.480kg respectively. Primarily intended for permanent set up they can be disassembled and stored away flat too if so desired.

Over time outdoors when set up they will “patina” from a steely dark grey/blue to a vibrant yellow ochre then finally settle to a deep rick bronze red.

A complete range of accessories are available for both models such as our water fillable undertrays  (900mm x 900mm minimum size recommended), SMI Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolleys (1000mm x 1000mm model minimum size recommended), The Wedge™ 1100 series hot plate, combo hot plate/grill or full grill, OZSPIT & BBQ™ portable over the fire cooking system and for preparing your kindling the AUSSIE KINDLING KRACKER™ and many more all listed here on our website.

With the use of both an SMI water fillable undertray and a SMI Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley combined the SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pits™ can be used on timber decking provided the undertray is always maintained full of water (it will need topping up occasionally during usage due to evaporation) and the fire is not left unattended at any stage while in use also.

Please note that both model SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pits™ are available directly and exclusively only from Slot Me In™ and are not available through authorized resellers/distributors of Slot Me In™ products.

SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pit Solid Sided™ $899.00 plus shipping if applicable (see shipping information).

SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pit Supa Flow™ $999.00 plus shipping if applicable (see shipping information).


Both model SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pits™ ship FREE Australia wide to all our capital city transport depots in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart for you to collect from there. Some major regional towns throughout Australia also have FREE or discounted shipping, please contact us directly for a quote if not shipping to an Australian capital city. Each model SMI Wombat 900 Fire Pit™ ships on a small skid pallet 1000mm L x 700mm W x 100mm H and weighs 90kg for reference. Pick up can also be arranged directly from our factory by appointment or you may wish to arrange your own shipping.

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