Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™
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Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™

This month we introduce the third instalment in our “AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA™” range of chimineas. A unique, original, and innovative design of steel chimineas here at Slot Me In™ that we manufacture using the finest Australian steel.

The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ by Slot Me In™ is an approximate 1/3 scale size of our original “Aussie Inferno Chiminea™” (Australia’s largest chiminea). With the introduction of this new size there are now 3 size models to choose from in the “inferno range”. The other two models are the AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA™ & AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA MIDDY™

Combined with the 3 models of the AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ range (models “Standard”, “Edge” & “Panorama”) that now makes 6 models of chimineas to choose from here at Slot Me In™ all 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials by a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.

Though small in stature the AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA MINI™ is mighty big in design, form and function. It measures 370mm H x 260mm L x 260mm W and is possibly the smallest chiminea available in Australia if not the world. It’s 100% Australian made from 100% Australian materials using a combination of 2mm and 3mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ Steel. 

The smooth flowing and crisp sharp lines of this 4-sided chiminea are bold yet subtle. The unique radius profile bends of each side combine to represent genuine “art in steel” and the unique internally fully welded seams throughout maintain strength and function without detracting from the outward appearance.

Being of an all-steel construction it will not crack, split, crumble, fracture or chip like inferior clay or cast iron chimineas do. In fact, all of Slot Me In’s™ range of chimineas are unsurpassed for durability, form and function and are second to none.

Perfect for use in small areas such as on decks, patios, courtyards, balconies and even taken away camping it can be enjoyed not just for its warm ambience as a contained “fireplace” but also as a cooking marvel.

It comes complete as a kit containing a pair of cookware support bars that simply “slot” into the top opening to support cookware above it such as skillets, fry pans, billy’s, kettles, saucepans and much more. In this mode it operates much like our AUSSIE ROCKET STOVE™ (models XP, SS & AE) do using a direct flame to heat the cooking vessel supported on the cookware bars above.

Also included in the kit is a robust and heavy-duty bar grill made from 6mm solid round 304 food grade stainless steel. The bar grill rests internally inside the chiminea body supported by 2 internal rails and is perfect for grilling, baking, roasting, smoking, and BBQing all kinds of produce. With the included vented door, you also have a mini woodfired pizza oven too and peace of mind when unattended to securely close the fire compartment off to prevent any embers and sparks escaping.

It’s able to be fed with both charcoal or small pieces of firewood as fuel and is very frugal and fuel efficient. At camp just the surrounding biomass such as dry grass, leaves, bark and small twigs and branches will provide ample fuel. With a large opening some 210mm W x 165mm H there is sufficient room to feed fuel and provide a large ambient fire viewing “window”.

The “fire bed” internal base of 250mm W x 250mm D sits some 70mm above the ground to allow air ventilation to pass under and is safe to use directly on non-combustible materials such as dirt, stone, paving or concrete surfaces. With an “undertray” beneath you can use it on timber tables in much the same way as THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT cooker. The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ has its legs inbuilt into its design (no need for a separate stand) and is super stable with a very low centre of gravity. If used on a glass tabletop, we recommend the placement of a non-heat conductive type “undertray” such as a small piece of compressed cement sheet or similar beneath the chiminea of approximately 600mm square and 10mm thick as a minimum. 

A great feature of the grill is its ability to be cantilevered on the lower cross bar at the rear of the grill. This enables you to load your produce on then push it back into the chiminea body to cook on. Other accessories included in the kit are a pair of heat resistant leather safety gloves and our unique and original Grip ‘N’ Flip™ Stainless Steel BBQ tool also for safety and ease of use around hot surfaces, 4 stainless steel skewers to cook produce on and a handy “fire poker tool” that can be used to stoke the fire and or charcoal depending on the chosen fuel and cooking style. A handy little hook on the “fire poker tool” also can be used to pull the grill partially out and also push it back in as well and hook under the door handle and easily remove or replace the door.

With the grill fully inserted the door can be used to seal the chiminea closed and it can be used for baking and as a pizza oven thanks to the seven specifically placed venting holes in the door that allow air intake into the chiminea to keep needed oxygen available for efficient burning of the fuel. Another feature of the door is that it can be slid left or right from the closed position for allowing inspection of the cook up without losing to much heat by removing the door completely and allow extra oxygen in for a faster burn. The door even has a tilt backwards option for another way of letting in more oxygen to the fire inside, if need be as well.

The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ can also be used as a “mini” smoker as well with the door on (using the door features as mentioned) with produce on the grill over the coals below with the optional addition of selected smoking chips and small pieces of wood too. In all the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ is simply limited only to the imagination of the inspiring outdoor “over the fire” cook be it “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ (“Kit”) includes the following items:

1 x Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ Chiminea Body (370mm H x 260mm W x 260mm D and weighs 5.107kgs).

1 x Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini™ Vented Door (226mm W x 181mm H x 25mm D and weighs 0.800kgs).

1 x Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Solid Bar Grill (180mm W x 205mm D x 20mm H and weighs 0.520kgs).

1 x Pair of Cookware Support Bars (250mm W x 75mm H each and 2mm thick and weigh 0.440kgs).

1 x Slot Me In™ Grip ‘N’ Flip™ Stainless Steel BBQ Tool.

1 x Slot Me In™ Fire Poker Tool.

4 x 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Produce Skewers.

1 x Pair of XL Leather Heat Resistant Safety Gloves.

All up the combined weight of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Mini (all components as listed above) weighs 7.298kgs, with all the components neatly stacking “nesting” inside the chiminea body for storage and transit, a very handy feature.

Available now directly and exclusively from Slot Me In™ for $299.00 plus shipping costs Australia wide.

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