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The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ is a 2/3 sized scaled down version of the AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA™ for those wanting a smaller chiminea yet still looking to enjoy the warm ambience beside a generous size fire outdoors. All of the classic lines of its larger sibling in our range have been carried over into its design and features. 

The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ is 100% Australian made using Australia’s finest 5mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel. It’s fully precision CNC laser cut with each face given a precision CNC unique radius bend towards the base creating a stunning rounded look in a 4-sided chiminea. It is fully internally welded leaving crisp, clear and defined flowing lines outside that taper away and downwards from the top outwards towards the fire bed then curve inwards and under the fire bed creating the innovative and functional inbuilt legs on which it sits. It requires no unnecessary separate stand and can be used directly on timber decks and patios. With a low centre of gravity, it is extremely stable on its inbuilt legs unlike other chimineas which require separate and often clumsy stands to be able to be used on timber decks or patios. 

Optional deck trolleys are available for ease of maneuvering it about if you like to change the position of use from time to time on your deck or patio and our DECK ‘N’ PATIO™ 700 Trolley is the ideal model for this chiminea. All of our DECK ‘N’ PATIO™ trolleys have 360 degree swivel wheels (each wheel is 100kg load rated) for simple use and are a polyurethane compound that won’t mark or scratch surfaces also.

Being made from steel the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ will not chip, crack, split, break or crumble like inferior clay and cast iron chimineas do over time and prolonged use. It also has a large fire viewing area and can take large pieces of firewood unlike most other chimineas on the market which only have small openings. A great feature too is that it comes supplied with a solid door or vented door (two options available) to close it up securely when retiring for the night and a rain lid also to completely stop any escaping left over embers. You can sleep soundly knowing the fire is completely sealed and safe to leave once the door and rain lid have been put into place. The vented door option has our unique “daisy wheel”, as optioned in our AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ (standard model) which can be fully closed too when retiring at night or regulated to slow the burn down during use when roasting, baking, grilling, BBQing, cooking, or smoking.

The internal fire bed base measures 500mm W x 500mm D and will easily hold a large hot fire. The fire bed base is covered with a layer of around 40mm deep of fire bed sand when used just like the traditional Incan and Mayan chimineas of South America, 20kg of which is included with each Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™. Combined with the leg clearance of 150mm above the ground to the fire bed and fire bed sand little to no heat is transmitted downwards towards the resting surface so it is safe to use on a timber deck or even lawn areas without damage to either. The opening to view the fire inside and feed firewood in through is 420mm wide at the base rising 330mm high and tapering to 260mm wide at the top. This generous opening is sealed with either door option (when required) that overlaps it by 25mm all around and the doors have two ergonomic handles for easy installation and removal with no hinges required and use our innovative lug locators to secure them in position.

We didn’t just stop with a stunning and original design chiminea to enjoy a fire around its warm ‘n’ cosy ambience we went further developing it into an outstanding wood fired cooker with the addition of our optional AUSSIE INFERNO CHIMINEA MIDDY CANTILEVER GRILL™ This optional “grill” is positioned on the two internal rails that are welded internally in each Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™. The “grill” is made from a combination of 12mm & 10mm solid round 304 food grade stainless steel and what sets it apart from other grills is its ability to cantilever. In simple terms the grill can be pulled forward almost completely out of the chiminea body and remain horizontal even when loaded with produce then pushed back inside the chiminea for cooking. A host of cooking styles are at your fingertips with the optional “grill”, wood fired pizzas, low ‘n’ slow smoking and bbqing, baking, roasting, grilling and so much more. If the “grill” isn’t required for cooking, it’s simply removed completely and a fire in the chiminea can be enjoyed by itself. If you’re looking to add the optional “grill” we recommended the vented door model which allows more control of the fire with the door on.

As an added bonus each Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ comes supplied also with our original and unique AUSSIE INFERNO FIRE TONGS™ to maneuver and reposition burning firewood, a XL pair of heat resistant leather safety gloves and 20kg of fire bed sand. All you need to add is your kindling and firewood and you are ready to kick back and enjoy a warm, glowing and ambient fire in your very own Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™. Be sure to check out our AUSSIE KINDLING KRACKER™ too, as all fires need kindling to get them going and its one of the easiest and safest ways to split kindling.

As new the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ is a steely dark grey to bluish colour (raw steel unpainted) and over time outdoors will patina firstly to a bright yellowish ochre colour then continue to a rich autumn orange and finely settle to a warm deep bronze red. This weathering process will vary depending on the exposure site and amount of use, with each chiminea taking on its own individual patina just like a fingerprint. You can slow this process down by covering your chiminea after use (once completely cooled) and also stop it by applying a light coat of quality organic food-based oil over the entire exterior surface such as coconut oil if so desired. This later process needs to be maintained after each burn so it can become a chore. Each chiminea comes with this initial factory applied coating of coconut oil applied to the external surfaces and will burn off after its first use. There is of course the option of painting the exterior surface with a high temperature resistant paint such as exhaust enamel though over time this too will still need to be maintained and repaired. The natural patina look developed over time (no work required) is maintenance free and will look stunning in any “INFIREDSCAPED™” setting. 

Your Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ is made for a lifetime of enjoyment outdoors whether just sitting around it enjoying the cosy ‘n’ warm ambience of a fire or enjoying a spit roast, baking, roasting, grilling, BBQing, smoking or creating mouthwatering woodfired pizzas with our add on cooking accessories that are specifically designed for it. 

With correct building design and our full accessory range of extended flues, flue adapters, flue sections, flue bends, flue penetration kits, flue cowling covers and much more the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ can be utilized in outdoor undercover alfresco areas, decks, pergolas, mancaves, princess palaces and sheds also. For advice on your particular application of use feel free to contact us here direct at Slot Me In™.


The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ is available in 4 starting kit options (further accessories can be added if required). These 4 options are as follows. Each of the 4 kits also includes the Rain Lid, Aussie Inferno Fire Tongs™, Gloves and 20kg of Fire Bed Sand.

1/ Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ with Solid Door $1,299.00

2/ Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ with Vented Door $1,349.00

3/ Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ with Solid Door & Cantilever Grill $1,598.00

4/ Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ with Vented Door & Cantilever Grill $1,648.00


Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ Inclusions & Specifications:

  • Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ Fire Body (830mm H x 530mm W x 530mm D and weighs 47.960 kg)
  • Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ Solid Door (470mm W x 380mm H x 50mm D and weighs 5.280kg)
  • Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ Vented Door (470mm W x 380mm H x 50mm D and weighs 5.580kg) 
  • Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy Cantilever Grill™ (345mm W x 395mm D x 32mmH and weighs 3.400kgs) Included in options 2 & 4
  • Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy Rain Lid (142mm W x 142mm L x 80mm H and weighs 0.860kg)
  • Aussie Inferno Fire Tongs™ (650mm L x 100mm H x 150mm W and weighs 0.400kg)
  • Leather safety/heat resistant gloves XL (pair)
  • 20kg of fine washed chiminea fire bed sand
Delivers Australia Wide

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The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ package consisting of 6 items, chiminea body, door (either option), rain lid, tongs, gloves and sand and ships on a pallet 1000mm L x 700mm W x 800mm H and weighs 95kg. Accessories can be added with this purchase and “Piggy Backed” with FREE shipping also to all transport depots in Australian capital cities. Outside of capital cities in regional Australia please call or email for a shipping quote.

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