SMI Open Fireplace Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka Krane™
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SMI Open Fireplace Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka Krane™

This month we’ve released a new accessory (optional) for all of our 3 standard size SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Inserts, model sizes 600, 900 & 1200, the SMI Open Fireplace Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka Krane™ or “SMI KOOKA KRANE™” for short. The SMI Kooka Krane™ is based on our original SMI Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka™ (developed for The Wedge™ Fire Pit, models 450, 600 & 900) it has been designed as a removable accessory to allow specific cooking capabilities to be performed in your SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Insert™, namely with camp ovens, swing in our out hot plates or grills and similar.

An open fireplace is a wonderful way to enjoy the cosy ambience of a fire both indoors or outdoors beside and also to cook on as well and not just waste those wonderful red hot coals generated by burning firewood. Our SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Inserts™ all come standard with twin narrow shelves midway up on each side. At the front of both of these shelves is a locating hole in which to position the vertical shaft component of the SMI Kooka Krane™. At the base of the SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Insert™ (both front left and front right) are also another 2 locating holes to accept the foot of the “shaft component” thus locating it in two positions, midway at the shelf level and at the base on the bottom of the open fireplace for a secure positive locking position ready for use. The SMI Kooka Krane™ can be used on either side of SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Inserts (left or right) or you can even use 2 at the same time if so desired.

On the upper part of the “shaft component” (above the shelf level when installed) the “boomerang swing arm” component rests on top of an adjustable locking spring clamp. The “boomerang swing arm” component is none other than the “SMI Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm™” from our “SMI Aussie Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka™. The “boomerang swing arm” component has multiple locating holes and lugs to accept both hooks or handles to allow camp oven cooking above your open fireplace. You can lower or raise the “boomerang swing arm” over the fire as well as swing it in or out of the fire. The “boomerang swing arm” can be inverted also to maximize both up and down heights as well. The unique “locking clamp” acts as a secure “brake” once you’ve set your desired height to hold the “boomerang swing arm” in the position (height requirement) you need it. There are 2 x 304 food grade stainless steel 6mm heavy duty butchers type hooks supplied with each SMI Kooka Krane™ to basically allow you to hang and type of camp oven, billy, kettle or “bail arm” type cookware without any need for hanging chains or the like and the SMI Kooka Krane utilises our SMI OZ SPIT & BBQ COOKWARE range of “swing arm” cookware also especially the swing in or out hot plates and grills.

Even if you don’t have an SMI OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT™, say for example your fireplace is a tradition masonry type one we can design a “DIY” retrofit model “SMI KOOKA KRANE™” specifically for yours too. Simply get in contact with us here at Slot Me In™, were only too happy to help with your particular requirements.

Made from 100% Australian steel right here in Australia by Slot Me In™ the SMI Kooka Krane™ consists of the following 5 components.

  • 1 x 20mm diameter solid steel BlueScope Xlerpate™ True- Spec™ round bar.
  • 1 x 20mm 304 food grade stainless steel locking spring clamp.
  • 1 x SMI Aussie Boomerang XP Swing Arm™ (laser cut 4mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel).
  • 2 x 6mm x 150mm 304 food grade stainless steel butchers hooks.

The open fireplace shown here in the images is our flagship SMI 900 Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Insert™ and the SMI Kooka Krane™ for it measures 670mm high (shaft height) with the “boomerang swing arm” extending 510mm outwards from the shaft and weighs 2.960kg (full kit, all the components above combined). Each particular height and width SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Insert™ model (non-standard) will require one specifically made to suit it for full optimum performance. All are made to order to suit the specific open fireplace it is to be used in. Cooking just stepped up a level in your SMI OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT™ with this new accessory to add to our existing removable grills, hotplates and combo hotplate/grills that rest on the shelves also.

Available now to use with your SMI Open Fireplace Steel Fire Box Insert™ they are exclusive to Slot Me In™. Shipping Australia wide is available for all purchases.


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