SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS™ Skewers (set of 4)
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SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS™ Skewers (set of 4)

This month we introduce our latest addition to our skewer range for over FLAME ‘N’ COALS™ cooking, the SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS™ Skewers which come as a set of 4 units.

The SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS™ Skewers are proudly 100% Australian made using 100% Australian material from 2mm thick food grade 304 stainless steel and are precision CNC laser cut. They measure 400mm long x 29mm wide (at the handle/flight end) x 2mm high with a 310mm long produce holding capacity and a skewer width of 8mm. Shaped like an “arrow” with a tail flight from which they derive their name they come as a set of 4 pieces. Our distinctive logo “SMI™” brand (short for Slot Me In™) inside the map of Australia is etched into each “flight/handle” end and there is a handy hole there also to hang them from for storage too.

Each “skewer” weighs just 65 grams (that’s 260 grams per set of 4) and being 304 food grade stainless steel are easily maintained for hygienic repetitive use over “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™” be it over charcoal, a wood fire or your bbq at home or out camping “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”. They are dishwasher safe too and can be soaked in water as well for cleaning, unlike skewers with wooden handles or with wooden components which can’t be as the wood delaminates or splits/swells if put in a dishwasher or immersed in water.

“MADE FOR MORE THAN A LIFETIME™” they will outlive the cook and can be passed down to the next generation of budding over the fire cooks. Load them up with all your favourite produce and “KOOKUP™” a feast for family and friends using the SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS Skewers™ by Slot Me In™.

Other skewers in our range include the SMI Aussie Asado 510 & 900 SS Skewers™ and SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong SS Skewer™ 

The SMI Aussie Arrow 400 SS™ Skewers (set of 4) are exclusive to Slot Me In™ and available to ship Australia wide.

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