SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model)
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SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model)

Introducing a world and Aussie first, the SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model) by Slot Me In™ 100% Australian made using 100% Australian material from a single piece of Australia’s finest steel, BlueScope Xlerplate™ Truspec™ steel in a 10mm thickness. This 290mm diameter pizza steel is made for a lifetime of use in your pizza oven (woodfired, gas or electric), your commercial or home oven, bbq, chiminea, on your stove top (electric, gas, induction, ceramic or halogen), open fire, campfire or wherever you prefer to make your own pizza.

Now you might be familiar with pizza stones made from a variety of materials such kiln fired ceramics that are commonly used to give your pizza that crispy and crusty base with colouration often referred to as “leopard spotting”. Pizza stones require handling with care and aren’t made for a lifetime of use as eventually even the so-called better ones fail and break. They will break if dropped or are subjected to rapid thermal shock, can’t be washed or immersed in water to clean, are porous and don’t hold as much heat as a pizza steel.

The SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model) comes already heat treated (tempered and mill scale removed) and naturally non-stick pre seasoned  with Aussie flax seed oil ready for use. Continual usage and seasoning with flax seed oil or other high flash point oils (after each use) will result in a superior non-stick performance allowing easy removal of not just pizzas but a whole host of other cooking and baking applications. The SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model) can be used to bake cookies, bread, scones, pastries and much more in your oven. Use it on the stove top for pancakes as the ultimate gridle plate over “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™” for searing perfect steaks, hamburgers, bacon and eggs and even as a “heat sink” for camp ovens, billies and the like.

At home in your oven for example place the SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model) on the top shelf/rack position and turn your oven to the maximum heat setting for about 30 minutes to get the “pizza steel” up to maximum heat. Next simply slide your pizza (at room temperature) onto the steel with a pizza paddle and cook for 5 minutes or thereabouts, remove (with the pizza paddle) and enjoy a crispy base pizza every time with superb colouration (“leopard spotting”). When not in use simply store your “pizza steel” in the oven at home on the lowest shelf. It can be left in the oven there while baking/cooking other meals as it acts as a heat sink and will help maintain a constant temperature in the oven. After each use (when cooled) clean with a damp cloth or damp paper towel (water only no soap or detergent), dry and reapply a thin film of the correct oil all over, wipe again with paper towel and store ready for its next use.

The SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D290910 model) is made for a lifetime of use and will outlive the cook, ready to be handed down not the next generation of budding cooks. With its natural non-stick and non-toxic coating (built up by progressive polymerization of applied seasoning oil coatings) its naturally the smart and healthy way to cook and bake.

The SMI Aussie Pizza Steel™ (D29010 model) measures 290mm in diameter, is 10mm thick and weighs 5.180kg.

Available exclusively and directly from Slot Me In™ it ships Australia wide.

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