SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ XP & SS models
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SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ XP & SS models

With spring well underway here in Oz this month we have released an innovative “twig stove”, the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ in 2 metal options (XP & SS models) by Slot Me In™. The “stoves” derive their name from probably the obvious, viewed front on when burning they look like the proverbial “BUSH TELLY™” synonymous with campers Australia wide. These unique take-anywhere cooking stoves are often referred to as a “twig stoves” and they are an expanded “up sized” version from our original “micro” stove the SMI Aussie Pocket Stove™ released earlier this year in June 2022. The SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) are a multipurpose and multi fuel source (solid and liquid fuel) stove that “FLAT PACKS” down to a “FLAT OUT” 235mm L x 185mm W x 15mm H and weighs only 2.995kg taking up literally no room at all.

The SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) are made from 100% Australian steel, a combination of both 2mm & 3mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ TruSpec™ steel for the XP model and in a combination of 2mm & 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel for the SS model with both being 100% Australian made by Slot Me In™.

The SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) each consists of 8 pieces that simply just “SLOT TOGETHER” as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™. It assembles in less than a minute and requires “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY”. Assembled it measures 235mm H x 185mm W (across the front) by 185mm D (front to back) and as previously mentioned a lightweight 2.995kg. Being lightweight, you can take it anywhere on your next adventure camping, overland trekking, hiking, exploring in the wilderness, cycling, motor bike touring, 4×4 touring or just outdoors “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

The SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) are unique in that not only can they be used as a “twig stove” or more correctly use biomass as a fuel source (twigs, sticks, leaves, bark, and dry grass etc) they can also be fuelled by compressed natural hardwood fuel pellets, charcoal or heat beads, solid fuel blocks (such as hexamine fuel tablets) and fifthly alcohol-based liquid/gel fuels also if required. What’s even better is that “NO GAS IS REQUIRED”, so there is no need to carry around dangerous pressurised gas canisters which also require safe disposal and fill landmass unnecessarily.

Being small in stature and real space saver when packed up, an obvious bonus, however it’s the design and multiuse functions that are a “BIGGER” plus. The included cross cookware support bars can support centrally located cookware larger or smaller in diameter than the stove itself, taking care to simply set the stove up on a level firm non-combustible surface. 

When using biomass, charcoal, heat beads or large compressed fuel blocks as a fuel source the “FIRE BED” or aerated fire grate is used in the second lowest of the 2 provisional burning slot positions on the sides of the “stove”, one up from the solid base plate below it located in the lowest of the slot positions on the sides of the “stove”. The aerated fire grate has a multitude of aeration holes allowing the fuel (biomass, charcoal, heat beads or compressed fuel blocks) used to have ample oxygen allowed to be drawn in underneath it through the air chute formed between it and the solid base plate which catches and stops/prevents ash from landing on the supporting surface below the stove. The sides and rear also have aeration holes (or rather our unique “5 x crosses”), openings that allow air through yet prevent side spillage of ash outwards. Biomass fuel, charcoal, heat beads and compressed large fuel blocks are feed into the generous front opening on the “stove”. 

An upper or secondary level burning bed position (slots on the sides) for the aerated fire grate can be used when burning solid fuel pellets/blocks (such as hexamine fuel tablets), smaller compressed hardwood pellets or liquid/gel alcohol fuel types. It gets the fire up closer to the base of cookware supported above when using these later 3 types of fuel.

At the top of the stove the castellated edges (front, rear & sides) allow the flames to pass out under large cookware ( when cookware larger in diameter than the stove is used) and not choke the fire, another efficient, innovative, and integrated feature in the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ by Slot Me In™. The cross cookware support bars form an interlocking cross brace at the top of the “stove” also and are 260mm long each, ideal for very small cookware less in diameter size than the stove itself. The “stove” can be used without these cross cookware support bars if required especially when using skewers to hold produce on if char grilling and in a similar fashion to a hibachi grill.

Whether it’s to just boil the billy or kettle for a cuppa, fry a steak, eggs & chips, simmer a stew or soup in a small camp oven, steam some vegies, smoke some fish, fry or grill some snags or chuck a prawn on the barbie the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ will get the job done simply with the absolute minimum of fuel and be enjoyable in the process. You need never be without an outdoor mini fire cooker with this simple and yet practical multi fuel source burning little “KOOKER™” from Slot Me In™. Leave it in your backpack, glovebox, console, boot, toolbox or under your car seat when not in use and you will always have it on hand when required for use to cook on outdoors.

There are several cooking accessories that can be used with the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ from the Slot Me In™ range here on our website so be sure to check them out while you’re here.  A full 304 food grade stainless steel grill made especially for the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) which is included in the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove Combo Kit XP & SS models is just one. Others include our stainless steel billy’s (3 sizes), stainless steel saucepans with locking transit/storage lids, SMI Oz Iron Kookware™ and much more. You may also like to checkout our range of rocket stoves including the SMI Aussie Rocket Stove XP™ the SMI Aussie Pocket Stove™

Also available for the SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ are add on accessories including heavy duty canvas storage/transit bag, water fillable undertray, fire poker/cookware lifting tool, stainless steel SMI Grip ‘N’ Flip™ BBQ Tool, SMI Arrow 400 Skewers™ and much more.

The SMI Aussie Bush Telly Stove™ (XP & SS models) are available now direct and exclusive from Slot Me In™ with shipping Australia wide available.

Be sure to take yours on your next adventure “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”. Happy camping, gardening, cooking, and travels in this great land of ours wherever you may find yourself and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, “Waz from Oz™”

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