SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong Skewer SS™
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SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong Skewer SS™

This month sees the release of our original and unique SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong Skewer SS™. It is the largest in our range of over the “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™” skewers. This unique model of “twin prong skewer” by Slot Me In™ has twin (2 parallel) prongs incorporated into its one-piece design. A “helper handle” (traditionally blacksmith with a spiral twist) braces the 2 prongs at 90 degrees and a cool to the touch central inline spring handle make it easy to use and “rotate” the cook up manually. Each “twin prong skewer” is individually handmade right here in Australia by Slot Me In™ from solid 8mm square 304 food grade stainless steel bar including the stainless steel spiralled spring handle using 100% Australian materials.

Commonly called skewer, kebab, shaslick, shiskebab, shashlik or similar it is designed so you can secure or “skewer” your produce (large pieces such as whole butterflied chickens, large whole fish, or butterflied legs of lamb) onto the twin prongs to cook over fire, resting it on two supporting edges of the fire containing vessel being used or similar. “ASADO” style cooking is commonly practised in South American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador to name a few and loosely translates from the Spanish for over the fire cooking (just as much at home in Australia) or as we say here at Slot Me In™ over “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™”. You can even use our SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong Skewer SS™ in a similar fashion often practised with “ASADO” style cooking by stacking it vertically into the ground beside a fire and reversing/rotating the stacking when required to cook the other side of the contained produce.

It measures 1025mm long overall x 180mm wide and 30mm high and weighs just 1.080kg. The inline central spring hand also has a traditional black smithed spiral twist incorporated into the design as well just like the helper handle. There is a huge 600mm length of produce capacity on each prong (some 1200mm combined) with the prong centres 180mm apart. Being of a square/rectangle cross section profile (the twin prongs), produce wont spin, roll or rotate like it does on skewers made from round bar. Your produce on the SMI AUSSIE ASADO TWIN PRONG SKEWER SS™ stays where it’s put for ease of use and best results.

Each individual “twin prong skewer” is 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials in a traditional black smithed method by Slot Me In™. Being made from hygienic and durable 304 food grade stainless steel they are easy to clean, for repetitive usage and a lifetime of enjoyment. With no unnecessary waste going into landfill, they are designed for “MORE THAN A LIFETIME™” of use for the most discerning of over the fire cooks and in fact, they will outlive the cook too and be handed down to the next generation of over the “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™” cooks.

Being of all stainless steel construction ensures ease of maintenance as they won’t rust and don’t require continual seasoning or oiling as ones made from black or raw steel do. With no wooden handle(s) also enables them to be fully immersed in water and soaked, if need be, to enable cleaning or even put in your dishwasher too (if you could find a dishwasher that big).  You can’t wash wooden handled skewers in a dishwasher (or soak them in water either) by the way as they will delaminate and soaking wooden handled skewers swells and splits the wood too. Further wooden handled skewers proport to be cool to the touch and maybe so but the handles are often burnt when using them near open fires and exposed to flames. Not so with our all stainless steel skewers from Slot Me In™, they will “keep on keeping on”, oh and by the way using any cooking implement over “FLAME ‘N’ COALS™” should always be assumed as “hot” and a simple pair of leather heat resistant gloves used when handling will ensure safety of the user. Surprisingly though you will find in use, with produce on, that our skewers are only warm to the touch when used over a fire. However, prevention is better than a cure as they say and we recommend wearing gloves with any implement used in or on a fire, bbq or similar.

The SMI Aussie Asado Twin Prong Skewer SS™ is available now directly and exclusively from Slot Me In™, with shipping Australia wide available also.

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