SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit XP & SS models

SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit XP & SS models

Well, it’s just entering the second month of winter here in Oz and this month we’ve added a new compact “combo” fire pit kit to the Slot Me In™ range, the SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit XP & SS models by Slot Me In™. This new model “combo” kit is a compact “flat pack” fire pit kit available in 2 metal options, “XP” BlueScope Corten™ steel (often called “weathering steel”) and “SS” stainless steel 304 grade both in a 3mm thickness. 

Each kit contains the SMI Hexpit™ fire pit in the particular metal option “XP” or “SS”, a circular aluminium water fillable under/ground tray, solid round bar stainless steel 304 food grade grill, SMI fire poker/camp oven lifting tool, a pair of heat resistant leather safety gloves and a heavy-duty tonneau canvas material storage/transit bag that all the components fit into in-between camping trips.

The SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit XP & SS models are 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials by an Australian owned family business. At the heart of each kit is the SMI Hexpit™ fire pit itself which consists of 7 pieces in a tapering hexagon configuration. The 6 sides simply just “slot” together as our name suggests “SLOT ME IN” with NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY in seconds, with the remaining base piece placed inside locating above the ground for clearance. The SMI Hexpit™ fire pit itself measures 260mm H x 525mm L (widest points at the top) x 475 W (narrowest flats at the top) when set up and weighs just 8.900kg making it super lightweight and prefect as a camping fire pit to take on your next adventure, “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”. Packed up it measures just 290mm W x 290mm L x 21mm H (all 7 pieces) making it a real “space saver”.

The included circular aluminium “water fillable” undertray is positioned under the SMI Hexpit™ Fire Pit and catches any ash or embers preventing any damage to the ground/grass underneath (when maintained full of water). Each of the six sides of the fire pit body has 5 drafting/vent holes (30 in total) for superior oxygen intake making for an efficient and superior burn. The included stainless steel bar grill is made from heavy duty solid 6mm round 304 food grade stainless steel. The grill can be used to cook food on directly or to support fireproof cookware such as fry pans, kettles, billys, skillets, hot plates and much more. With the grill siting neatly on top of the fire pit there is ample room on each of the long sides of the grill to still add firewood or stoke the fire without removing it, handy for when a “KOOKUP™” is underway. The included fire poker/camp oven lifting tool and safety heat resistant leather gloves are perfect accessories to completement the fire pit for this purpose also.

When all packed in the transit/storage bag the entire kit weighs just 11.560kg (all components & bag combined) making it a great lightweight camping fire pit kit with a dual purpose, being able to be used to cook over too. In the bag the entire kit packs to a footprint of 540mm W x 500mm L x 30mm H with ample room for additional gear if required.

Each SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit XP or SS model contains the following components: 

  • SMI Hexpit™ Fire Pit (“XP” or “SS”) 7 pieces (6 sides & base) 260mm H x 525mm L x 475 W set up & 290mm L x 290mm W x 21mm H when packed up and weighs just 8.900kg.
  • SMI 455mm diameter round aluminium water fillable undertray.
  • SMI Stainless steel 304 food grade 6mm solid round bar grill (485mm L x 206mm W x 12mm H with bars @25mm centres).
  • SMI Fire poker/camp oven lifting tool.
  • Pair of heavy-duty XL leather heat resistant/safety gloves.
  • Heavy duty tonneau canvas storage/transit bag 550mm W x 500mm L x 5mm H.
  • (FULL KIT “XP” or “SS” packed in the bag measures 550mm W x 500mm L x 30mm H and weighs 11.560kg). 

Some great accessories to completement SMI Hexpit™ Combo Kit can be found here on our website with a couple in particular to look at being our SMI OZ IRON KOOKWARE™ range and our OZSPIT & BBQ™ range of cooking accessories. 

Available now directly and exclusively from Slot Me In™ the new SMI Hexpit™ XP & SS Combo Kits ship Australia wide.

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