SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™
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SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™

The SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™ by Slot Me In™ is a strong, robust and durable handy tool ideal for removing stubborn hard to extract tent pegs with minimal effort and ease. The engineered design uses a fulcrum type lever action. Force can be applied by hand or foot depending on the amount of force required to remove those stubborn tent pegs in hard ground. In soft ground the handle can simply be used to pull the pegs straight upwards vertically once the insertion spike is slide into the tent peg head for grip.

The SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™ is made in Australia by Slot Me In™ from 100% Australian materials, 10mm diameter solid round drawn BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel bar with a unique large triangular handle for easy gripping and pushing by hand or by foot also. There is an angled support brace running from the base of the handle right down to the insertion spike (a pointed bar section for sliding into the tent peg head at right angles to it for grip of extraction). Set back from this insertion spike and parallel to it joined by the unique profile bend is the ground rest bar upon which it pivots on when force is applied by pushing the handle in a downwards motion (by hand or foot) for extraction of tent pegs in hard ground. The angled brace mentioned above gives the SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™ its backbone strength as to speak eliminating any flex or bending of the tool when force is applied (simple triangulation engineering distributes forces applied) making the tool extremely strong with no maintenance required.

Incorporated into the unique triangular handle is a very handy and essential stubby/bottle opener too, put simply it wouldn’t be Aussie without one, perfect for cracking open your favourite beverage when completing removal of your tent pegs and admiring the labour/energy saving gained by this handy tool.

The SMI Aussie Tent Peg Puller™ measures 435mm L x 150mm W x 70mm H and weighs 0.795kg and is made for a lifetime of use and can even be used to lift camp ovens, billys and kettles off or onto the fire, as well as for a fire poker too if required. We’re sure you’ll find other uses too for it that we haven’t thought of.

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