SMI Aussie Camper Buddy Tool™
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SMI Aussie Camper Buddy Tool™

As autumn 2022 sets in here in Oz we would like to introduce the new SMI Aussie Camper Buddy Tool™ by Slot Me In™ a five in one (maybe more we’re sure they will come to light) handy tool for use when out camping and cooking BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™ over FLAME ‘N’ COALS.

Perfect for the following uses:

1. Camp oven/billy lifter (traditional swing over handle type, cast iron or spun steel).

2. Camp oven lid lifter (traditional half lug handle or swing over handle, cast iron or spun steel).

3. Tent peg puller (large open handle allows a 2 handed grip for removing those stubborn tent pegs).

4. Fire poker (Manoeuvre firewood and reposition it with ease).

5. Stubby/bottle opener (It wouldn’t be Aussie without it).

Made in Australia from 100% Australian materials, 10mm diameter solid round drawn BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-spec™ steel bar with a unique large triangular handle for easy gripping it measures 460mm L x 120mm W x 150m H and weighs 0.620kg.

The 120mm wide “T Bar” at the end combined with a hook for tradition camp oven use allows lifting camp ovens and camp oven lids with ease and precision. Incorporated in the original design handle (equilateral triangle shape) is a handy stubby/bottle opener too. It’s sure to impress the most fastidious of camp oven cooks and become a treasured tool for life.

Did we mention stubborn hard to remove tent pegs? Well now with the SMI Aussie Camper Buddy Tool™ they are easily removed with the hook end and a large handle opening allowing a double hand grip to remove embedded tent pegs with ease.

When the cooking is underway kick back and relax with your favourite beverage using the inbuilt stubby/bottle opener incorporated into the unique triangular handle to easily remove bottle caps.

The SMI Aussie Camper Buddy Tool™ is made for a lifetime of use (a tool you can genuinely hand down to the next generation of budding over the fire cooks), in fact you will never wear it out or need other one unless you lend it to your mate, upon which you run the risk of never seeing it again.

Available now direct and exclusive from Slot Me In™ for $49.00 plus postage Australia wide for an additional $19.00.

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