SMI Grillzit™ Foldaway Combo Kit
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SMI Grillzit™ Foldaway Combo Kit

The new year 2022 kicks off with the commercial release of our SLOT ME IN™ (SMI) GRILLZIT™ FOLDAWAY COMBO KIT fresh from our extensive field trials over the Christmas break just past when away camping and an earlier sneak peep of its release on our social media back in December 2021. It’s a variation of our original SMI GRILLZIT™ COMBO KIT except this time the legs on the grill are not removable, rather they simply fold out when required for use and then fold flat for storage and transit when not required. 

So, what’s with the name “GRILLZIT™”? well put simply that’s what it does best “GRILLS IT”. It’s a back to basics “bullet proof” & “no fuss” portable extra heavy-duty grill for use over a ground fire. Simply fold out the 4 legs on each corner of the 456mm W x 485mm L x 12mm H stainless steel 304 food grade solid bar grill and place the assembled unit over the “Flame ‘N’ Coals™” of a ground fire and you’re ready to cook directly on the grill or alternatively use the grill to support camp ovens, fry pans, billy’s, kettle’s or any other fireproof cooking vessel for that matter. The stainless steel bar grill component of the kit is made from 6mm solid round 304 food grade stainless steel bar material with the bars at 25mm centres. The 4 legs in the design of a simple return curve enable stable positioning on most ground terrain types giving the grill above plenty of strength to support whatever is placed on top.

The Slot Me In™ Grillzit™ Foldaway Grill sits 210mm above the ground over your ground fire supported by our unique 4 fold out legs slightly angled outwards for stability and will easily support a heavy camp oven or similar cooking vessel over a ground fire. Care should be taken when removing the grill from the fire and allow it to cool down before packing it away, use both the gloves provided and the universal fire poker/camp oven lifting tool to lift the grill assembly both on and off the ground fire.

Included in the kit are the following items:

• SMI Grillzit™ Foldaway Stainless Steel Bar Grill

• Grip ‘N’ Flip™ Stainless Steel BBQ Tool

• Universal Fire Poker/Camp Oven Lifting Tool 

• Leather Heat Resistant/Safety Gloves (pair XL)

• Heavy Duty Tonneau Storage/Transit Bag

When packed in the storage/transit bag the entire kit weighs just 3.950kg and measures 550mm L x 500mm W x 40mm H making it a real light space saving versatile take anywhere cooking kit for use over ground fires. The entire Slot Me In™ Grillzit™ Foldaway Combo Kit is 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials too by Slot Me In, a 100% Australian owned family business.

The Slot Me In™ Grillzit™ Foldaway Combo Kit is available exclusively from Slot Me In™ for $199.00 plus shipping, we ship Australia wide too.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Cheers Waz from Oz™ 

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