OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Bar Grill Kit
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OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Bar Grill Kit

This month we have compiled together some great existing OZSPIT & BBQ™ products putting them all together and forming the basis of arguably the greatest 100% Australian made from 100% Australian materials by a 100% Australian owned company for an “over the fire cooking” grill kit on the market to date.

From our earliest beginnings way back in 1977 OZSPIT & BBQ™ by Slot Me In™ has forged its “over the fire cooking system” which uses the central ground spike for support as its heart. 

The new OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Bar Grill Kit is a combination of OZSPIT & BBQ™ products combining to give you the ultimate over the fire grill kit. Use it to cook food on directly or support cookware on over any fire pit or ground fire. With a massive 700mm L x 465mm W grill surface area there is plenty of room to cater for the largest of “KOOKUPS™” to feed the hungry tribe at camp or family in the backyard at home.

From the ground up in this kit there is our OZSPIT & BBQ™ “XP” 1000mm long 20mm round ground spike, 20mm stainless steel universal spring locking clamp, Slimline 155 XL700 Slimline Stainless Steel Xtenda Bar Grill (4 pieces) plus the OZSPIT & BBQ™ Stainless Steel Grip ‘N’ Flip™ BBQ Tool, universal camp oven lifting/fire poker tool, leather heat resistant safety gloves (pair) and long series slimline storage/carry bag all combined to give you the most versatile over the fire grill cooking kit.

Proudly 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials and being a 100% Australian owned company OZSPIT & BBQ™ is the REAL AUISSIE LEGEND in over the fire cooking being “BORN, BRED & BUILT IN OZ™”. 

The grill components (centre & 2 wings) are made from 6mm solid round 304 food grade stainless steel with a grill bar spacing of 25mm centres. The unique connecting system of connecting bracket to central grill and outer wings is unique, innovative and truly original with its “hooking” connection that requires NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY. It assembles in seconds and dismantles to a slimline compact set of components for easy cleaning and to conveniently all fit into the storage/carry bag with plenty of room for optional additional accessories from the OZSPIT & BBQ™ range.

The OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Grill Kit includes the following items:

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Stainless Steel Xtenda Grill consisting of 3 pieces: centre grill and 2 x “wing” grills (700mm L x 465mm W x 12mm H with all 3 assembled and weighs 4.120kgs)

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ Slimline Stainless Steel Bar Grill Connecting Bracket (150mm L x 90mm W x 60mm H and weighs 0.200kgs)

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ “XP” 1000 mm long x 20mm round Ground Spike.

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ 20mm Stainless Steel Universal Locking Spring Post Clamp.

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ Grip ‘N’ Flip™ Stainless Steel BBQ Tool.

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ Universal Camp Oven Lifting/Fire Poker Tool.

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ Heat Resistant/Safety Gloves XL (pair).

1 x OZSPIT & BBQ™ Long Slimline Storage/Carry Bag.

The full kit listed above packs neatly into the included long slimline storage/carry bag packing to a compact 1000mm L x 180mm W x 160mm H and weighs 7.900kgs. There is ample room left inside the bag for future additional OZSPIT & BBQ™ accessories when required also.

Available now directly and exclusively from Slot Me In™ this new combination OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Grill Kit is in stock and ready to ship Australia wide for $299.00 plus shipping costs.

Mention this article of latest news October 2021 with your purchase of the OZSPIT & BBQ™ 155 XL700 Slimline Xtenda Grill Kit and we will include our OZSPIT & BBQ™ “XP” Heavy Duty Swing Arm ($29.00 value FREE) plus 20% discount off any other OZSPIT & BBQ™ product from our range purchased at the same time. The 20% discount will be refunded after purchase for online sales and is valid for the remainder of 2021 (up and to including December 31, 2021). For over the phone sales please see our contact details on our website here.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Cheers, “Waz from Oz™”.


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