Heavy Duty Extended Flue Kit AIC Middy

Heavy Duty Extended Flue Kit AIC Middy

This month sees the release of a brand new accessory for the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ by Slot Me In™, the Heavy Duty Extended Flue Kit AIC Middy. This new accessory is an optional accessory for the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ model by Slot Me In™.

This heavy duty extended flue kit consists of 3 components, the extended heavy duty flue section with adapter bracket, spark/ember arrester and rain lid.

Firstly, the flue component which is structural steel pipe with a 5mm wall thickness and internal diameter of 80mm with an adapter plate also of 5mm thickness simply slots into the top of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ and locates. A 100mm length of the flue section sits inside the chiminea which securely locates it with the aid of 4 internally adjusted locking bolts tightened after it is put in position. Once the locking bolts have been tightened (finger adjustment is all that’s required) it cannot be accidently knocked over. The 4 locking/locating bolts must be backed off (loosened) for it to be removed whenever required if using other accessories on top of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™. The remaining 980mm length of the extended flue rises from the top of the chiminea. The function of the extended flue is to draw any smoke away at a higher level when burning your firewood. It is important to note that good quality firewood which is seasoned and below 15% moisture content will give off little to no smoke. The heavy duty extended flue will also draw efficiently in the same manner as a flue/chimney does on an open fireplace as fresh oxygen entering the door opening in the chiminea combining with the burning firewood inside will result in a super-efficient burn due to the extended travel of exhaust gases and flame.

Secondly the spark/ember arrester is simply placed into the top of the heavy duty extended flue. It has a heavy duty stainless steel “bushfire” non-combustible mesh sandwiched between two 5mm thick steel discs that complies to AS3959-2018 Amendment 1, which stops sparks and embers from escaping up and out of the flue. This specific “bushfire” stainless steel mesh meets the BCA (Building Code of Australia) for compliance of use where and when required to be used. It’s also peace of mind to know that no sparks and embers will escape keeping surrounds safe from secondary ignition, which can occur if no spark arrester is used.

Thirdly the rain lid is for putting on top of the heavy duty extended flue when not in use (to keep water from entering the chiminea) or for retiring for the night (along with the door) to secure and contain your fire when not supervised. The rain lid has a simple lifting lug on the top and 4 locating tabs to locate it in position on and over the top of the flue. Make sure with your next use you have it removed before lighting the fire in your chiminea.

All 3 components of the Heavy Duty Extended Flue AIC Middy Kit are 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials by Slot Me In™ and come as a kit complete.

Heavy Duty Extended Flue AIC Middy Kit contains the following 3 components:

• 1 x Heavy Duty Extended Flue/Adapter Plate with 4 locking bolts (1080mm L x 150mm W x 150mm D with internal diameter of 80mm and 5mm wall thickness and weighs 12.140kg).

• 1 x Spark/Ember Arrester (90mm in diameter x 12mm deep and weighs 0.180kg).

• 1 x Rain Lid (101mm in diameter x 50mm H and weighs 0.260kg).

All 3 components together weigh 12.580kg.

The Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ Heavy Duty Extended Flue Kit is available now and exclusively from Slot Me In™ for $249.00 plus shipping/transportation costs Australia wide. If included with the purchase of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea Middy™ together as a package (along with any other related additional accessories if required) shipping is free Australia wide.

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