SLOT ME IN™ Wombat Fire Pit 500™
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SLOT ME IN™ Wombat Fire Pit 500™

This month we introduce a great new fire pit model The Wombat Fire Pit 500™ by SLOT ME IN™ which draws its inspiration from our original “Wombat Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™” design except this time we have scaled it down and made it from 5mm thick BlueScope™ Xlerplate™ steel in a smooth finish, whereby our original “Wombat Fire Pit & Camp Cooker™” is made from 5mm thick BlueScope™ tread plate (often referred to as “checker plate”).

The Wombat Fire Pit 500™ is a 5 piece fire pit that simply “SLOTS” together in seconds with “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY” as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™. Using 100% Australian materials and being 100% Australian made by a 100% Aussie owned business it’s truly Australian in every way, just like the iconic Aussie wombat.

The Wombat Fire Pit 500™ is a versatile fire pit that can be used just about anywhere, “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”. With a large enough capacity for a good size fire to sit around and enjoy or to cook on as well. Its low profile design enables a very efficient burn with great coal retention and quite simply is a great all-rounder. Great for bbq, spit roast or camp oven cooking, we’re sure you will find it just to your liking. 

The fire box base is 300mm square and sits 60mm above the ground with tapering sides rising another 190mm out to a 490mm square at the top with an overall height of 250mm. A host of accessories are available for it from grills, hot plates, combo grill/hotplates, portable spit rotisserie kits such as our OZSPIT & BBQ™ range, aluminium water fillable undertrays (either of our 500mm L x 500mm W x 25mm H or 600mm L x 600mm W x 25mm H model undertrays) are great for protecting a lawn area and a must for use on a timber deck underneath the Wombat Fire Pit 500™. Be sure to check out our full range of accessories and a whole lot more from the SLOT ME IN™ range here on our website.

You might also want to consider a combination package we have put together as a great starter kit this month also THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT 500 COMBO KIT™ which includes our 485mm L x 456mm W solid 6mm stainless steel round bar grill (which sits perfectly across the top) supporting any configuration of cookware from camp ovens, fry pans, billys and much more and can be cooked directly on being food grade 304 stainless steel. Also in this kit is our handy Combo Fire Poker/Camp Oven Lifter™ a heavy duty storage bag and a pair of heat resistant leather safety gloves. The full kit fits in the storage bag and is a real “SPACE SAVER” packing down to 550mm L x 490mm W x 35mm H and weighs 21.211kg.


Set up: It measures 490mm L x 490mm W x 250mm H 

Packed up: It measures 490mm L x 300 W x 25mm H

Weight: 17.300kg

Components: 5 pieces (4 sides and a base)

Available now exclusively from SLOT ME IN™ for $199.00 (plus shipping).

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Happy camping, cooking, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours, “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Cheers “Waz from Oz™”

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