SLOT ME IN™ The Wedge™ Hibachi Grill Kit
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SLOT ME IN™ The Wedge™ Hibachi Grill Kit

This month we are introducing the all new THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT by SLOT ME IN™. It’s our Aussie twist on the ancient Japanese Hibachi Grill (a small open topped heating and cooking vessel which uses charcoal or small pieces of wood as fuel and is generally topped with a grill for cooking food on directly or for supporting small cooking vessels).

THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT is based on our original “FLAT PACK” fire pit THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ and is the smallest and most compact in our range of “FLAT PACK” braziers and cookers and comes as a complete kit ready for use “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

100% Aussie made using the finest 100% Aussie materials the main fire box consists of 5 pieces (2 ends, 2 sides and our trademark V-Bar™) and is made completely from 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel. The grill topper is also made from 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel with a generous surface area for cooking food directly on or for supporting small cooking vessels. When in use the firebox sits in the water filled aluminium undertray for peace of mind which catches any of the small ash embers that may fall from the unique ventilation slots on the angled sides.

Assembly is a breeze and takes only a matter of seconds requiring NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS. The entire firebox simply just “SLOTS” together as our name suggests “SLOT ME IN™”. In no time you will be cooking away and enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family.

Enjoy traditional alfresco style grilling and cooking directly on your table top outdoors with family, friends or guests, as with the water filled undertray provided when kept full of water throughout use it is safe to use on table tops (when in use it should be supervised by an adult at all times and adherence to fire regulations should be observed also). We recommend that on glass table tops a secondary small wooden chopping board or similar be used to rest the complete unit on when in use. Of course it can be used on lawns as well with our unique water fillable undertray protecting the lawn from burning or scorching.

Out and about in the great outdoors whether camping or at a picnic THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT takes up the minimum of space. The entire kit packs totally flat for storage and transportation to a neat satchel size of 400mm W x 340mm D x 50mm H and weighs a total of 5.836kg in its own heavy duty canvas storage bag with Velcro seal (100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie Wax Converters canvas).

It’s ideal also for motorcycle riders and will stow away neatly in transit storage boxes and bags for use on extended bike trips ready to “KOOKUP™” a roadside meal with the minimum of fuel. Like our AUSSIE ROCKET STOVES™ small twigs, bark and sticks can be use as well as charcoal for fuel. Backpackers will also appreciate the convenience of a robust and durable mini camp cooker and brazier that will neatly fit in a backpack to have in the great outdoors on your next adventure. Caravan, RV and 4×4 enthusiasts alike will also enjoy this space saving, lightweight, compact and versatile cooker too.

Our stainless steel “GRIP ‘N’ FLIP™” BBQ tool comes into its very own and is included in the kit (being both usable as a cooking implement and also as a charcoal tong for moving and repositioning of the fuel and removing the grill topper also when required), a handy pair of heat resistant safety leather gloves are also included as are 4 x 304 food grade stainless steel skewers to get you started.

Whether to grill a steak, fry some eggs (in a frypan), boil the billy for a cuppa or for an authentic “teppanyaki” style experience with friends, guests and family you’re sure to have your very own use for this compact little wonder from SLOT ME IN™.

Some other great accessories that can be added or used in conjunction with THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT are our “AUSSIE BUSH OVEN & SMOKER™” (which will completely cover the firebox, another great “flat pack” product) making for an outdoor smoker and oven with enough ventilation for continued burning and a great insulator in windy conditions. Also our very handy single “GET ROUND ME™” windshield (a 3 sided “slot together” and “flat pack” windshield accessory for use in windy conditions outdoors). Furthermore our handy “CHARCOAL, KINDLING & FIREWOOD CANVAS STORAGE BAG” is another great accessory which will hold around 10kg of charcoal, kindling, firewood or a mix of all and has a neat internal storage pocket for fire lighters, matches and newspaper to get your fire going, great for keeping all this together and dry from the elements with a heavy duty YKK zipper to secure it all inside. Be sure to check them out here on the website, along with our cookware and other accessories too that can be used on THE WEDGE™ HIBACHI GRILL KIT.

Cleaning is a simple matter of disposing of the extinguished coals after use. (We recommend emptying the cooled ashes or coals into a steel bucket and cover them with water to ensure they are completely extinguished before disposing of them thoroughly). With the fire box cooled simply pull it apart and dust it down or wipe with it a brush or old cloth. The grill topper, tongs and skewers can be washed in hot soapy water or dishwasher at home and given a light wipe with food oil prior to use each time (grill topper & skewers). The undertray once emptied can also be washed in hot soapy water or dishwasher at home. In fact the entire firebox can also be washed in hot soapy water too or dishwasher if preferred as all the components are sink and dishwasher friendly in size and material.

Included in the kit are the following items:

The Wedge™ Hibachi Firebox (5 pieces) 270mm L x 210mm W x 180mm H set up and weighs 3.825kg all made from 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel. Packed flat it sits in the aluminium undertray (320mm L x 220mm W x 20mm H)

● The Wedge™ Hibachi Aluminium Undertray (1 piece) 320mm L x 220mm W x 20mm H and weighs 0.306kg

● The Wedge™ Hibachi Grill Topper (1 piece) 270mm L x 230mm W x 23mm H and weighs 1.160 kg

● Stainless steel 304 food grade skewers (4 pieces) and weighs 0.072kg

● Stainless steel 304 food grade “GRIP ‘N’ FLIP™” BBQ & CHARCOAL TONGS (1 piece) and weighs 0.114kg

● Pair of leather safety and heat resistant XL gloves (2 pieces) and weighs 0.173kg

● Heavy duty canvas storage bag (1 piece) with Velcro seal 400mm W x 340mm D x 10mm H and weighs 0.186kg

The full kit weighs 5.836 kg and packs to an amazing 400mm W x 340mm D x 30mm H and consists of the above 15 pieces all contained in the canvas storage bag included.

Available now directly and exclusively from SLOT ME IN™ as an introductory offer for $339.00 (plus shipping). Also included as a bonus “FREE GIFT” is a 245ml bottle of GRUMP GARY’S Teriyaki Sauce. (We are stockists of the GRUMPY GARY’S range of amazing sauces and marinades which ideally accompany foods cooked over the flames & coals, just like on The Wedge™ Hibachi Grill Kit).

Please note that this offer (“FREE GIFT” as mentioned above) expires at the end of May 2021 and the regular price of $339.00 won’t include this gift after that date. Shipping is calculated on the weight of your cart and we ship Australia wide. This package ships as a 6kg carton.

For more information about shipping and polices please read the Shipping Information page

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours, “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Cheers, “Waz from Oz™”

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