SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Inferno Chiminea™
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SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Inferno Chiminea™

As we near the end of April and the cooler months begin to start here in Australia, we find extending our outdoor leisure time around an ambient glowing warm fire to be one of life’s simple yet most enjoyable pleasures with friends, family and loved ones. The crackle of the dancing flames and the glowing warmth are something timeless and simply can’t be replicated or replaced by any other form of heating other than with a roaring fire.

This month sees the introduction of the all new Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ by SLOT ME IN™, a stunningly unique and original chiminea unlike any other. It has a huge and contained fire bed that will hold a large fire for both warmth and viewing pleasure and has a myriad of cooking capabilities as well.  

The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ is the largest in our range of chimineas and is 100% Australian made using 100% Australian materials consisting of 6mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel. It’s fully precision CNC laser cut from Australia’s finest sheet steel then each side piece, of which there are 4 is given a CNC precision custom radius bend at the lower level creating a unique and original classic smooth and rounded look for a 4 sided chiminea. It’s also fully internally welded leaving clean crisp flowing lines outside that taper away and downwards from the top outwards to the fire bed level then curve inwards and under the fire bed creating the innovative and functional inbuilt legs on which it sits.

The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ is truly something to behold with its stunning looks but it doesn’t end there. Drawing on our heritage of design and performance function with its smaller 3 siblings in our chiminea range (the existing 3 model variants of the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™) it performs with an amazing burn efficiency and heat output that will keep you warm and cosy with an ambience to be enjoyed in the great outdoors.

With a cavernous front opening (500mm top to bottom and 640mm wide at the bottom tapering up to 410mm wide at the top) you’d be mistaken that you were sitting in front of a large open fireplace. The fire viewing area is simply stunning and the largest you will find in a commercially manufactured chiminea in Australia if not the world. After all it’s not just the heat output that matters it’s also the visual ambience of the burning fire as well inside. 

Most chimineas on the market have tiny and restrictive viewing openings in which to feed small pieces of firewood and see the flames burning, not so our range of chimineas and the Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ certainly doesn’t and will not disappoint. Being of all steel construction it is class leading in durability, performance and function. It won’t crack, chip, split, break and crumble like inferior clay or cast iron chimineas eventually do after prolonged use. The Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ will last and outperform all the others and over time will develop a stunning weathered patina outdoors turning from an initial steel blue grey to ochre yellow-orange before settling to deep rustic autumn red-bronze.

Some key features of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ are the unique inbuilt legs (like our Aussie Volcano Chiminea™) they are all part of the one piece rigid structure. There is no need for a separate and often clumsy stand on which to sit it like most other chimineas require. It has its own inbuilt legs already on which it sits without the need for a separate stand. It can also be burnt directly on a timber deck safely also as there is very minimal heat dissipated downwards both from design (210mm mm clearance from ground to fire bed base) and also as it burns on an insulating bed of 50mm thick washed fire sand as a traditional chiminea does just like ancient Mayan and Incan chimineas did in South America where chimineas originated from. 

The internal fire bed base measures a huge 750mm W x 750mm D for the largest of fires to enjoy with the large door opening as mentioned earlier to feed large pieces of firewood in just as you would in an open fire place. With such a low centre of gravity it is amazingly stable and safe and will not nor cannot be knocked over accidently.

Some accessories are included such as the solid door (which has 2 fixed handles for ease of use) that upon leaving it unattended or retiring from it for the night can be put in place to completely seal the opening and a rain lid (also included) to seal the top of the chiminea too as well, both to prevent sparks and embers escaping when not being supervised and also for when not in use preventing rain entering the chiminea. To stoke your fire and reposition firewood in the Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ it also comes with our original, unique and innovative tool the Aussie Inferno Fire Tongs™ too.

Like its smaller sibling the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ there are a host of cooking accessories too that can be purchased separately turning your Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ into a cooking sensation. Some accessories include the Cookware Hob & Trivet, Sombrero Shelf and Kookabox™ (an all in one roasting oven, pizza oven, smoker, open bbq, open grill and spit rotisserie to name some). There is even a heavy duty 400 kg load rated deck & patio trolley for ease of positioning that can be purchased separately also if you like the ease of moving your chiminea about on a deck or patio area with the minimum of effort.

Further accessories include the Extended Flue (removable), Extended Flue Rain Lid, Stainless Steel Flue Kits, Flue Adapter and Umbrella Support Bracket which can all be purchased separately. 

When it comes to a quality unique Australian product with a classic original design that performs superbly in a variety of uses there simply isn’t a chiminea on the market that comes close to the Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ by SLOT ME IN™. 

Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ Inclusions & Specifications:

● Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ (1260mm H x 800mm W x 800mm D and weighs 131.1kg)

● Aussie Inferno Chiminea Solid Door (550mm H x 690mm W x 50mm D and weighs 14.3kg)

● Aussie Inferno Chiminea Rain Lid™ (190mm W x 190mm L x 50mm H and weighs 2.010kg)

● Aussie Inferno Fire Tongs™ (650mm L x 100mm H x 150mm W and weighs 0.400kg)

● 40kg of fine washed chiminea fire bed sand

Available exclusively and directly now from SLOT ME IN for $1,999.00 with FREE shipping to our transport depots in all 8 capital cities of Australian states and territories (Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart), for you to collect from there.


Shipping of the Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ is FREE to all of our transport depots in all 8 capital cities of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart) for you to collect from there. For all other regions of Australia please call or email for a shipping quotation or you can arrange your own transportation or pick up direct from our factory.

The Aussie Inferno Chiminea™ package consisting of the above 5 items  ships on a standard pallet 1160mm W x 1160mm D x 1000mm H and weighs 210kg. Accessories can be added with this purchase and “Piggy Backed” with FREE shipping also to all transport depots in Australian capital cities. Outside of capital cities in regional Australia please call or email for a shipping quote.

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