SLOT ME IN™ Charcoal, Kindling & Firewood Canvas Storage Bag
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SLOT ME IN™ Charcoal, Kindling & Firewood Canvas Storage Bag

Introducing this month a very handy accessory for your next adventure outdoors when cooking over fire. This handy and quality canvas storage bag by SLOT ME IN™ for storage and transportation of charcoal, kindling and firewood or a combination of all 3 is a must for over the fire cooks.

Made from 100% Australian Wax Converters heavy duty canvas and with a heavy duty YKK zipper it can easily carry approximately 10kg of charcoal or as mentioned a combination of any or all of the 3 (charcoal, kindling and firewood). Another handy feature is an internal separate pocket sleeve sewn onto one internal side whereby you can keep your fire starters, newspaper, safety and heat resistant leather gloves and the like separate from the main storage compartment. A pair of heavy duty webbing handles are sewn into the bag as well for ease of carrying, strength, durability and endurance.

It measures 440mm wide (viewed side on to one handle) x 440mm deep (zipper to base) with a width when expanded of 150mm (when facing both handles) and weighs 0.380kg.

Available now directly and exclusively from SLOT ME IN™ for $79.00 plus shipping at a fixed rate of $15.00 Australia wide.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”.

Cheers “Waz from Oz™”

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