SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP XTRM™
New Product

SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP XTRM™

Following the release this month of our smallest versions of our original design Equilateral Fire Pit™, (Equilateral Fire Pit™ Camper Kits models XP, SS & AE) we are pleased to announce our largest model the EQUILATERAL FIRE PIT™ XP XTRM™ will now become a permanently stocked product (previously only made to order).

The Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP XTRM™ is a 25% scaled up size of our original design Equilateral Fire Pit™ (Solid Sided™ model) we released back in August of 2016 based on an equilateral shaped triangle. It’s made from the finest Australian steel, to be precise 100% Australian BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel in an 8mm thickness and 350 HR grade. Precision CNC laser cut by Slot Me In™ right here in Australia it truly is a 100% Aussie product in every way.

Set up it measures a colossal 1020mm W x 960mm D x 430mm H and weighs 89kg. It consists of 4 pieces (3 sides and a base) that simply just “SLOT” together in a matter of seconds as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™ and requires “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY”. It packs “FLAT” for shipping and storage when not required, though once set up you will want to leave it in position as the centre of your entertaining area. Over time the steely blue-grey will weather to a warm deep bronze-red patina with a unique character all of its own inviting you to sit around it and watch the flames dance.

It will make a stunning statement in any “INFIREDSCAPE™” (landscaped area featuring a fire pit), one you can all gather around with friends, family and loved ones enjoying the warm ambience beside it. Whether for a backyard inspired entertaining area around a fire place or in a commercial premises such as at a winery, brewery, pub, restaurant or the like the Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP XTRM™ will make the warmest of focal points. 

Not only just a fire pit though our huge range of cookware accessories such as hot plates, grills, combo grill / hot plates, portable spit kits both Auspit and Slot Me In™, Solidteknics cookware and even our amazing KOOKABOX™ accessory can all be used on it to “KOOKUP™” an amazing feast over the fire in a myriad of styles.

It’s available now direct from Slot Me In™ and through our authorized stockists and resellers Australia wide. Please note that not all stockists will carry this product and it may need to be ordered in as a special order incurring additional freight charges depending on locality from our manufacturing base on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where we ship from. You can find your local distributor of Slot Me In™ products here on our website where they are all listed.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™