SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP, SS & AE Camper Combo Kits
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SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP, SS & AE Camper Combo Kits

With spring finally here and the yearning to get away and go camping in the great outdoors here in Oz we have released 3 new stunning and functional model fire pit camping combo kits for use as a fire pit and to cook on as well, all true “HEAT ‘N’ EAT™” wonders from SLOT ME IN™. All 3 models are based on our original Equilateral Fire Pit™ (Solid Sided™ model) we launched in August of 2016. These 3 new models are a 25% reduction in size from this original design and are made in 3 metal options, hence the 3 kit names XP (Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel), SS (stainless steel) and AE (aluminium), yes 100% aluminium to join our existing 2 aluminium fire pits The Wedge Fire Pit™ 500 AE and The Wedge Fire Pit™ 600 AE bringing to 3 of the only full 100% aluminium fire pits commercially manufactured and available in the world, the very first being The Wedge Fire Pit 500 AE. By the way AE stands for Aussie Explorer™ and represents our aluminium range of products too.

All Equilateral Fire Pit™ Camper Combo Kits are made using 100% Aussie materials right here in Australia by Slot Me In™ making them truly a 100% three way product, Aussie materials, manufactured in Australia and by an Aussie owned company.

Each Equilateral Fire Pit™ Camper model XP, SS & AE in this range consists of 4 pieces (3 sides and a drop in base plate). “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY” they simply just “SLOT” together in a matter of seconds like our name suggests SLOT ME IN™.

Each combo kit contains a fire pit, combination grill / hot plate, our unique Multitool™, a pair of extra-large leather heat resistant safety gloves and a handy heavy duty storage bag that the entire kit packs into for storage and transit.

The XP & SS models are made from 4mm thick Xlerplate Tru-Spec steel and 304 grade stainless steel respectively while the AE model consists of a combination of 6mm & 8mm thick aluminium. Set up they all measure 610mm W x 580mm D x 255mm H. Respective weights for the XP & SS models (fire pit component only) are 16.3kg each and the AE model weighs 8.8kg.

Each kit as mentioned comes with a combination grill / hot plate of approximately 50/50 proportions (in 2 metal options 3mm thick Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel and 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel) especially designed with a slim profile so as to all pack into the storage bag that they come with (including the accessories) to 780mm L x 470mm W x 50mm D a real “SPACE SAVER”. Full kit weights are 21.342kg for the XP & SS models while the AE full kit weighs 13.472kg.

As an introductory offer (prior to these being available in stores around Australia) we are offering an upgraded storage bag made from Australian heavy duty canvas (Dynaproofed Wax Converters canvas to be precise) with two handy webbing carry handles sewn in, included with each kit. Once in stores this bag will be an optional extra (the bag for store kits will be a simpler sleeve type heavy duty tonneau material without handles). Pricing too for their release into stores will increase once they are store available prior to Christmas this year. For now they are exclusive direct only from SLOT ME IN™.

As a bonus too shipping will be FREE to all capital cities of Australia and suburbs within a 100km radius. Outside of these areas FREE or DISCOUNTED shipping may apply simply contact us with your postcode to confirm.

A host of additional accessories are available for all 3 models ranging from our Auspit and Slot Me In portable spit rotisserie kits, Boomerang Swing Arm Kooka™, stainless steel and cast iron bar grills (400mm & 450mm wide models), stainless steel billy’s, kettles, camping saucepans, Aussie Bush Oven & Smoker and Solidteknics cookware to name some.

Some other accessories to consider also are our water fillable aluminium undertray (new reduced size model due for release later this month) if using the Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP, SS & AE Camper models on precious lawn areas or timber decking. There is even a “FLAT PACK” aluminium undertray stand coming later this month too that raises the Equilateral Fire Pit™ XP, SS & AE Camper models a further 300mm above the ground (when used combined with the new reduced size model undertray), often the criteria required for use in caravan and national parks where permitted. Have a look in our products range for the one we made for The Wedge Fire Pit™ 450 & 600 models using the same principle (stand and undertray combined).

Later this month we will also release a unique 100% Aussie made canvas storage bag with 2 sleeve compartments and carry handles as well (same colours and materials as the one offered in the introductory kits here mentioned above). The obvious difference is more storage space for accessories or storing the combo grill / hot plate separately to the fire pit. However as a bonus when empty it unfolds to become a very handy firewood gathering and carry sling enabling you to gather firewood and bring it back to camp to use in your fire pit. Keep an eye out on our social media for pre release sneak peeps of this new innovative storage and carry bag / firewood sling, the reduced size undertray and stand we mentioned earlier too. All 3 will be available later this month as optional accessories.

Always thinking outside of the square or rectangle, this time with an equilateral triangle these new model camping fire pit kits will make your camping trip a memorable and enjoyable time sitting around their warm ambience sharing good times and laughs with family, friends and loved ones alike. Whether to stay warm n cosy by, cook on or both here at Slot Me In™ we are committed to making the experience of the Aussie great outdoors the best you can get, it’s what we love too and our passion keeps driving us to inventing and manufacturing our original and innovative products for use “BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™”. A more in depth look at each of these 3 new products can be read by clicking on them and going to more info, where you will learn how to mix and match the kits as well too.

All 3 models are available now for purchase and ready to ship, please be patient with shipping times due to the current state of affairs here in Victoria where we are based as sometimes shipping can take a few extra days to reach interstate destinations. We are missing camping here due to lockdown restrictions so our backyard is taking its place for now where the fun around a fire and cooking can still be enjoyed.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™

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