SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Camper Combo™ Grill / Hot Plates XP & SS models
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SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Camper Combo™ Grill / Hot Plates XP & SS models

Released earlier this month in our combination package of Equilateral Fire Pit™ Camper models XP, SS & AE these two new approximately 50/50 grill and hot plate combinations are now available to purchase separately. The Slot Me In™ Equilateral Camper Combo™ Grill & Hot Plates are a smaller version of our larger models except with a lower profile handle specifically designed for the Equilateral Fire Pit™ Camper (XP, SS & AE models) and the Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ (XP & SS models). Available in two metal options, 3mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel (XP model) and 3mm thick 304 food grade stainless steel (SS model). They are a great addition to both model fire pits for which they were designed and are fully 100% Aussie made using 100% Aussie materials right here in Australia by Slot Me In™ being engineered for a lifetime of use cooking over fire.

Comprising both grill and hot plate all in one they enable a multitude of cooking styles over fire. The unique triangular shaped sides of the combo grill / hot plates have two downward folded tabs that neatly hug the sides of the fire pit and securely locate it while in use. As mentioned the low profile handles enable easy storage without taking up too much room and easily accommodate lifting it on or off the fire pit.

Both measure 700mm L x 340mm W x 45mm H and each weighs 3.8kg and are available now from Slot Me In™ and authorized distributors of Slot Me In™ products. Please note that not all stockists may carry these and they may require ordering in as a special order, this may incur additional freight charges. For a full list of our resellers check out our website here which lists them all.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™