Slot Me In™ Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate (Stainless Steel)
Now Permanently Stocked

Slot Me In™ Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate (Stainless Steel)

Slot Me In™ Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate (Stainless Steel)

Released with its Xlerplate™ stable mate some nearly four years back in September 2016 (made to order only then) the Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate in 304 18/10 stainless steel (food grade) is now stocked permanently for immediate dispatch on purchase without our made to order lead time of 2 weeks. With the increasing demand for stainless steel cookware in our range of ever expanding products we are endeavoring to keep stock of both Xlerplate™ and stainless steel in most lines.

For an in-depth look on the main features of the Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate you can go to our “Latest News & Specials” September 2016 when we released both these combo grill / hot plates for our unique and original design Equilateral Fire Pit™ released in August 2016 (see “Latest News & Specials” August 2016), the same year and read more about them both in a little more detail.

Specifications and design are the same at 785mm L (top edge) tapering to 345mm L (bottom edge) x 380mm W and 105mm H (base of side fold to top of handle) x 5mm thick and weighing 11kg. The only difference is the material used being 304 18 /10 food grade stainless steel. The stunning grill shape based on an equilateral triangle mirrors the equally stunning Equilateral Fire Pit™ too, also based on an equilateral triangle. The Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate fits all 4 of our larger models of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ as well and can even be used directly over a ground fire with the addition of our optional hot plate legs.

Original design innovation, features, function, quality and durability by Slot Me In™ make us the innovators not the imitators as we keep leading the way in manufacture of quality original Australian made fire pits, associated cookware and lifestyle products dating back to our inception in 1977.

Priced at $359.00 this stainless steel model option is now permanently stocked ready for dispatch directly from Slot Me In™ or from our authorized distributors. Please note that not all of our authorized resellers may stock this item and it may need to be ordered in as a special order incurring an additional freight charge.

Next month we will permanently stock the Equilateral Full Hot Plate and Equilateral Full Grill both in stainless steel too so that all 3 models will be available in Xlerplate™ steel or stainless steel ready for immediate dispatch to enjoy on your chosen model of Equilateral Fire Pit™ by Slot Me In™.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™.