SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Volcano Chiminea “Edge” & “Panorama” models
Additional New Models

SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Volcano Chiminea “Edge” & “Panorama” models

Fitting for the first month of winter in 2020 we would like to introduce two new models of the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™, the “Edge” and “Panorama” models. Previously these have been custom made to order but now will be stock items in our range of products.

Just like our original model Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ the “STANDARD” they are made from 5mm thick 100% Australian BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel right here in Australia by SLOT ME IN™.  All three models measure 550mm square at the base tapering to 180mm square at the top and are all 1180mm high and approximately 60.5kg each.

All 3 models have inbuilt legs so there is no need for an extra clumsy stand like clay or cast iron chimineas require. The Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ can be safely used directly on a timber deck as there is sufficient clearance (220mm) from the base of the fire box (which requires a bed of washed sand about 40mm deep to burn on) eliminating downward heat. 

The “EDGE” model has an opening centred on two intersecting faces and makes it ideal for corner positions. The “PANORAMA” model has a huge opening across an entire face and half way back on the two adjoining faces, giving a stunning view of the fire with the flue suspended overhead like a canopy.

The two new models accept the existing range of accessories, namely the Deck N Patio™ Trolley, Rain Lid, Extended Flue, Cooking Hob & Trivet, Sombrero Shelf and the amazing Kookabox™. Solid doors will soon be available for the two new models just as there is for the Standard model, as will a new canvas cover for all three for when not in use.

All faces are now crisp and clean with our brand logo now placed discreetly at the rear of all 3 models. Of course we still offer custom wording for that personal touch if required too. All are made for a lifetime of enjoyment and unlike clay or cast iron chimineas ours won’t crack, chip, split or crumble with use over time.

All three models are in stock and available now for $949.00 each. Please note not all stockists carry them and they may need to be ordered in as a special order which may add a freight cost.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz