SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™
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SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™

The SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ now has another awesome accessory with this month’s commercial release of the 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™, actually there’s a 4th use explained a little later on below here. Lots of background development and testing have gone into our awesome new accessory. Artwork in steel as we often say here at SLOT ME IN™. It draws inspiration from our previous 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™ (a world first at that time) that sits on our SLOT ME IN™FIRE DISH BOWL™ (released commercially in October 2019 you can read about it in our “latest news” segment there).

Invented and manufactured by SLOT ME IN™ specifically for use on our original Equilateral Fire Pit™ (both models), Solid Sided™ & Supaflow Sided™ which we released commercially back in August 2016 nearly 4 years ago after many years prior of custom manufacture for clients, this awesome new accessory allows not just turning the Equilateral Fire Pit™ into a bbq or grill, it does both of course but it also has our unique Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™ inbuilt as well. Now you can grill, fry, bbq and have a spit roast going on all at once over hot coals on the Equilateral Fire Pit™.

Just like SLOT ME IN™ is a 100% Aussie company it’s made using the finest 100% Aussie steel and is 100% Aussie made too from 5mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec steel™ in a HR350 grade. It’s made to last a lifetime just like the Equilateral Fire Pit™ for enjoyment outdoors catering for a hungry family and friends. When not in use of course you have the warm ambience of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ to sit around and enjoy.

The Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™ which comes with it has a 8kg battery operated motor as standard  (a 15kg 240 volt mains powered motor is an optional addition if required) and our original 1 piece stainless steel shaft and spring handle are standard, along with counterweight, guide bush and 2 pairs of prongs. It sits parallel to a side of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ and has ample space open to the coals below for cooking over. You can even use a couple of our Multi-Adjustable Spit Rotisserie Baskets on the shaft instead of the prongs or a combination of both. The motor sits well away from the heat of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ below using our extended arm spit rotisserie bracket we invented and manufactured for THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ that now features on all our model fire pits and rotisseries.

“Heat ‘N’ Eat™” has never looked or tasted so good with this combination duo of Equilateral Fire Pit™ and the 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™. Now back to the 4th use it can also be used over a ground fire (where no fire pit is required) with the addition of 3 optional legs that simply “SLOT” into the corresponding 3 sides using the 3 pairs of 11mm holes on each side.

There are 2 ergonomic inbuilt handles for its safe installation and removal after use incorporated in the 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™ which make for ease of use (we advise that heat proof gloves be used when installing or removing it from the Equilateral Fire Pit™). There are also 2 downward folded edges below the handles that securely locate it in position for safe use on the Equilateral Fire Pit™. The cooking surface consists of approximately 60% surface area of grill and 40% surface area of hot plate with plenty of room for the biggest of cook ups not to mention the spit rotisserie as well with nearly 800mm in cooking length there too.

Precision CNC laser cut and CNC brake press folded the 3 in 1 Combo Grill, Hot Plate & Excalibur Spit Rotisserie™ is also available by special order direct from SLOT ME IN™ in stainless steel 5mm thick 18/10 304 grade for those who prefer stainless steel. There is a 2 to 3 week lead time for the stainless steel model, it is manufactured in house by SLOT ME IN™ to order.

Material Used: 5mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel standard. Optional 5mm thick 18/10 304 stainless steel made to order (price subject to the market price of stainless steel at the time of order).

Dimensions: 1095mm W x 645mm D x 115mm H (with spit removed). 1580mm total width with spit & motor in use.

Weight: 15kg including the spit kit.

Available now direct from SLOT ME IN™ for $479.00 plus shipping or from authorized resellers of SLOT ME IN™ products. Please note not all stockists will carry this item and it may need to be ordered in as a special order. This may incur an extra freight charge.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours. BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™