SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley

SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley

The SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley is a unique triangle shaped design trolley specifically for use with either of  the 2 models of SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pits™ available, (see our “Latest News”, August 2016 for further information regarding these 2 models of SMI™ Equilateral Fire Pits™). Previously THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ 800 (Aurora Oztralis™ model) Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley has been able to be used with the Equilateral Fire Pits™ though being square in shape. So thinking outside of the square we’ve created a triangular shaped trolley to mirror the specific Equilateral Fire Pit™ though with a larger footprint as we did last month in releasing the SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Undertray.

This new triangular Deck ‘N’ Patio™ trolley is made from 100% Aussie 3mm thick BlueScope™ Corten™ 350WS steel right here in Australia by SLOT ME IN™. This particular steel is engineered to weather outside and takes on a warm glowing rustic patina overtime and is often seen used architecturally in building structures and the like.

The trolley has 3 heavy duty 100% Australian made(load rated of 100kg each) full swivel and soft compound polyurethane caster wheels and tyres underneath enabling easy maneuvering into desired positions for used on either a timber deck or paved patio area with the minimum of effort. The soft compound tyres will not damage or mark timber decking and the total load capacity of 300kg is easily sufficient for the combined mass of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ at 52.3kg, Equilateral Fire Pit™ Undertray at 2.2kg, Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley at 17.8kg (72.3kg combined mass of all 3 with a further approximate 10.52kg load when the Undertray is filled with water which holds 10.52 litres approximately all up being 82.82 kg). This is well under the 300kg maximum load capacity, leaving a further 217.18 kg capacity, ample for a fully loaded fire pit in use to enjoy along with an exciting new accessory coming soon (look for the release of the all new  3 in 1 SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Combo Hot Plate/Grill/Spit Rotisserie which will take the Equilateral Fire Pit™ to a whole new level of HEAT ‘N’ EAT™. 

We recommend you only maneuver the fire pit and trolley combination together when the fire pit is not in use and that on a timber deck the trolley is used in conjunction with the SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ water fillable Undertray as well (all 3 in other words, fire pit, Undertray and trolley). Furthermore no fire pit should be used unsupervised and never on a day of declared total fire ban and should be properly extinguished when not in use.

The SLOT ME IN™ Equilateral Fire Pit™ Deck ‘N’ Patio™ Trolley has 3 equal  length sides each measuring 1000mm and overall dimensions of 1000mm W x 950mm L x 105mm H and weighs 17.8kg. The 3 folded down sides of the trolley are 70mm deep and the trolley clears a level surface by 35mm, as it appears to hover above a deck or paved area with the wheels set back and not visible when viewed from a standing position. 

Available now for $389.00 plus shipping from SLOT ME IN™ or through authorized SLOT ME IN™ stockists (please note that not all stockists will carry this item and it may need to be ordered in as a special order which may incur some freight costs in addition).

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™.