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Following the commission (by Tidon Constructions VIC) to build back to back open fireplace steel fire box inserts (in an existing new single brick structure and chimney) for 2 townhouses in Mornington VIC earlier this year we now manufacture these to order to suit internal or external  applications, both domestically or commercially. In the past they have been made as one offs, however a standard “900” model (940mm internal width) is now a stock item in the SLOT ME IN™ range.

The SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT is arguably the most robust, heavy duty and functional steel fire box insert on the market to date. It’s made from 10mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ HA350 grade steel (base, sides, rear, top and faceplate) and has a number of key design features not matched by any others on the market. For starters you won’t find any made from 10mm thick Australian steel, nor will you find any with our unique internal side rails to hold a grill you can cook on as well over the fire below. We also make them without the internal side rails if required, however the internal  side rails are only 40mm wide and very discrete (10mm thick as well) and are a no extra cost feature. All components are precision laser cut as well from 100% Aussie materials, right here in Oz by SLOT ME IN™, a 100% Aussie owned and operated business.

Manufactured for a lifetime of service with superior heat retention and longevity the SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT will fit into a single or double skin brick, stone, concrete, block work or similar opening (open fireplace void) and is flued at the top and upwards with a complete stainless steel flue kit 300mm in diameter (hidden in the chimney), a double skin 300mm/350mm combination stainless steel flue and adapter plate on exit of the chimney to the outside and an all-weather stainless steel cowling, (all purchased separately depending on the length of flue required as they are in 900mm length increments  in a modular design application).

Easy enough to install by the home handyman or a professional installer it’s sure to be an ambient focal point to all gather around inside or outside depending on your requirements and keep toasty and warm beside. That’s right they can be used inside or outside as a conventional fireplace.

The steel fire box insert requires a fire grate to operate as do all open fireplaces to hold the firewood above the floor of the open fireplace allowing efficient burning of the firewood. SLOT ME IN™ manufactures the SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ specifically for the SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT (see it in our products available under the “FIRE PITS & ACCESSORIES“ link here on our website and read more about it in our “LATEST NEWS & SPECIALS”, APRIL 2019).

Precision laser cut from 10mm thick steel, it is fully externally welded so when inserted into the opening void where it is to be housed there are no visible welds to show on the exposed steel fire box interior or faceplate, just crisp clean lines where the steel junctions meet. The face plate has coverage of 40mm on each side, top and bottom to conceal the slightly oversize opening required in the structure you have ready to accept our steel fire box insert for your open fireplace. 

Exterior dimensions of the open fireplace steel fire box insert are as follows, width 960mm, height 755mm and depth 450mm. A minimum clearance of 15mm for each side, rear and the top for installation is required (in other words an opening void of 990mm wide x 770mm high x 465mm deep is required to slide the steel firebox insert into).The faceplate will cover these slight gaps as it measures 1040mm wide x 835mm high and the base rests firm on your level structure of bricks, stone, blockwork, concrete or similar noncombustible material and sits proud out 10mm from the face of your structure. 

Internal dimensions of the open fireplace steel fire box insert are 940mm wide x 735mm high x 450mm deep so there is a 40mm width tolerance to allow the SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ to slide in comfortably (it’s 900mm wide leaving a 20mm clearance on each side) to rest against the rear wall and be fully inserted without protruding. A grill of up to 930mm wide and 450mm deep can be used on the 2 supporting shelf brackets approximately halfway up from the base of the fireplace on each side too, (our WEDGE FIRE PIT™ 1100 full grill or 1100 combo grill/hot plate is perfect to use here as it measures 920mm long x 380mm deep). This unique feature of our open fireplace steel fire box insert is great for grilling food on or use it to cook pizza’s and even camp oven cook ups including roasts on as well over the hot coals below when the fire has died down. Cooking is best done over hot coals and not when being used as a roaring fireplace as you will only burn your food and risk burning yourself as well. With the ability to cook on and be a fireplace for heating as well, it’s a true “HEAT ‘N’ EAT™” multi use innovation by SLOT ME IN™. No other open fireplace looks like it or cooks like it, another first by SLOT ME IN™.

The internal flue “hidden flue” required (housed inside the chimney structure out of sight) needs to be 300mm diameter of which we stock in 900mm lengths to be joined to your required height chimney in place. We also carry the 350mm diameter flue (required at the exit of the internal chimney single flue skin, plus the adapter plate and 300mm/350mm all-weather cowling to sit on top. All are made from a heavy duty 304 stainless steel to weather the elements and handle the heat output.

We highly recommend a hearth be installed outside in front of the open fireplace (just below the faceplate edge) a minimum of 300mm into the space/room in front of it and minimum of 300mm to each side of it from a noncombustible material such as brick, stone, concrete, block work or similar. A fire guard is also a good investment to keep children safe from burning themselves or when you leave the open fireplace to go to bed or for any time when you may leave it unattended also, and it should sit on this hearth when in use. Always supervise children at all times around this or any other fire too.

As you can imagine this open fireplace steel fire box insert is very heavy at over 200kg (not including the fire grate required, 31kg on its own plus flue sections, adaptor plate and cowling required) and will only ship on a pallet/pallets to a transport depot close to you for you to arrange pickup or you can arrange pickup from the SLOT ME IN™ factory yourself as we have a forklift here for loading either you or your chosen carrier. For installation you will require correct lifting and moving equipment to install it and all care should be undertaken with any manual positioning and moving of it.

The SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT will be the only stock size open fireplace steel fire box insert we will manufacture and carry as a stock item. Note the flue and accessories are modular and require riveting together onsite and installing after the open fireplace steel fire box has been positioned in place.

We will make custom size units to order  (open fireplace steel fire box inserts) along with the required matching SLOT ME IN™ FIRE GR8™ and optional grill plate should you require smaller or larger sizes to our stock unit. These custom ones will generally taking 4 weeks from order to delivery. Optional personal laser etching is also available if required (done on the exposed faceplate).

The SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT is now available for $3,799.00 plus accessories some of which are essential for its proper use and function, including the following items 1 to 5 inclusive.

1/ SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ $499.00 

2/ 900mm long x 300mm diameter stainless steel flue section. $129.00 each (One or more required dependent on chimney length. Used internally in a chimney structure).

3/ 900mm long x 350mm diameter stainless steel flue section. $159.00 each (One or more required, and used where the inner 300mm flue breaks through to the external surface of the chimney structure).

4/ Adapter plate 300mm/350mm stainless steel flue double skin base plate $99.00 each (One required, and used to locate the 300mm and 350mm flue sections in position keeping them separated).

5/ All-weather 300mm/350mm stainless steel twin skin flue cowling $259.00 each (One required, sitting on top of the twin wall external flue 300mm/350mm combination. It prevents downdraughts and sideways wind gusts from entering the flue as well as protecting and keeping out the rain).

A minimum full package costs $4,944.00 and consists of the SLOT ME IN™ 900 OPEN FIREPLACE STEEL FIRE BOX INSERT ($3,799.00), SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIREGR8™ ($499.00) flued straight from the open fireplace steel  fire box insert using a minimum 1 length of 300mm flue ($129.00), 1 length of 350mm flue ($159.00), 1 adapter plate 300mm/350mm double skin base plate ($99.00) and 1 all-weather cowling ($259.00), with additional 300mm and 350mm flue sections (900mm long) $129.00each and $159.00 each respectively if required all depending on your chimney height required. As an approximate guide the top of the cowling (very top of the exposed flue) needs to be 300mm higher than any adjoining roof structure within a 3.6m distance to comply generally with the building code of Australia. Please check your local building regulations as they can vary throughout Australia for flue clearances to adjoining structures.

For a personalized service, design and a price on your requirements call or email us direct at SLOT ME IN™ so we can best assist you if in any doubt as to what is required, or you can order here online or from any of our authorized distributors.

Please note shipping is FREE with the purchase of the full minimum package of $4,944.00 explained above (or more including any additional 300mm diameter and 350mm diameter 900mm flue lengths or accessories required)  to our closest transport depot near you or to any of one our authorized resellers (if purchased from them) for you to collect, anywhere in Australia only.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly, BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers, Waz from Oz™