New Product


Consisting of only 3 pieces (2 x inserted laser cut and welded in position raised legs and a one piece laser cut and brake pressed folded fire grate “cradle”), the all new SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ sets a new standard for conventional brick, stone, precast concrete, block work or similar open fireplaces and steel fire box open fireplace inserts that all require a fire grate to efficiently burn.

Built to last in the hottest of open fireplaces  it’s made from 10mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™  HA350 grade steel here in Australia by SLOT ME IN™ a 100% Aussie owned and operated business. It’s another “AAA” product by SLOT ME IN™ being 100% Aussie made using 100% Aussie materials right here in Oz.

Now all open fireplaces require a fire grate or “cradle” to hold the fuel being burnt above the base or floor of the open fireplace to enable drawn in air (namely oxygen) to enter below the grate and mix with the burning fuel (firewood) to create a strong, hot and efficient burn that maximizes heat output to keep you toasty and warm and provide a consistent flame for ambience as well.

The problem with all existing fire grates on the market are that they consist of many pieces of steel all welded together often with thin or dubious quality steel and don’t last, failing in several years or less and ending up bent, deformed and unable to support the firewood correctly and give the best results for burning efficiently. Well not anymore, the all new SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GT8™ takes care of this issue with a fire grate built to go the distance and give a lifetime of service. It’s the last fire grate you will ever need, buy it the first time as to never require replacement of a fire grate again.

Dimensions of SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ are as follows,  900mm wide x 405mm deep x 220mm high with a full 100mm clearance under the base for super-efficient air flow and with  120mm slightly angled front and rear “cradle” barriers to contain the firewood being burnt, with a total weight of 31kg.

There are 33 large aeration laser cut outs (11 rectangular ones in the flat base and 22 square ones, 11 front and 11 rear in the angled support “cradle”). These aeration cut outs give superb and superior burning efficiency as they are large enough to allow oxygen to enter from underneath, front & rear of the fire bed and also allow small coal embers to fall to the base of the fireplace and not choke the burn with a pile of coals and hence maintain a better burning flame. The 100mm clearance under the grate is also great for cleaning out the fireplace after use with a metal fire shovel or similar with no need to lift the grate as the clearance is 100mm making the job a breeze.

At this stage we will be making only one stock size (900mm wide).We will  take orders for custom size fire grates should you require one other than 900 model in stock here at SLOT ME IN™.

Keep an eye out next month (May 2019) for our direct to the public release of  a full steel (10mm thick) 940 mm wide (internal width) open fireplace steel fire box insert for which the SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ is an absolute must have. We have been making these to order for special projects for many years now however we have decided to keep a stock size unit available for purchase either direct or through any of our authorized resellers.

The SLOT ME IN™ 900 FIRE GR8™ is now available for $499.00 either direct from the SLOT ME IN™ website store or from authorized distributors if stocked. Please note a shipping fee will apply to online orders and may also apply to purchases from distributors if they have to order it in as a special order if not stocked.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers, Waz from Oz™