Aussie Outback Canvas Bug Proof Swags (Available in 3 sizes, Single, King & Double)
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Aussie Outback Canvas Bug Proof Swags (Available in 3 sizes, Single, King & Double)

We are pleased to announce we now stock arguably the best swags you can buy. Fully 100% Aussie manufactured using 100% Aussie heavy duty 12oz canvas in 3 stock sizes, single, king and double. They are made using Aussie Wax Converters Dynaproofed Canvas including the floor, allowing the swag to breath naturally and not sweat like swags with vinyl floors. The canvas is 100% cotton which is far superior to poly cotton blends found in cheap imported swags. Being 100% cotton the Aussie Outback Canvas Bug Proof Swags will “wick” water and condensation away giving you a great nights sleep. Cheap poly cotton swags can leave you feeling like you slept in a plastic bag.

Entry is from the top on all models eliminating rolling into mud and wet grass like on side entry models. There is a full 900mm long upper flap for full storm proofing and winter use, which can be pulled back to expose a fully zippered bug proof mesh screen underneath for those warmer nights. There is also an internal storm flap at the high end inside for extra ventilation again with a fixed bug proof screen which also keeps out any possible bugs, spiders and snakes that can make their way into swags with opening ends at ground level.

Unlike a lot of swags with flexible fiberglass poles which can easily break, the Aussie Outback Canvas Bug Proof Swags use a twin vertical steel pole and guy rope at each end with 2 additional steel poles sewn in across the width at each end also for strength and simplicity of set up and use. Each swag comes complete with 6 pegs in a canvas bag for storage, 2 end poles, 2 guy ropes and a 50mm thick high density foam mattress with a removable and fully washable cover.

There is an internal storage pouch on the inside of the single model, and 2 in the King and Double models handy for your phone, torch or other personal items.

Specifications for the 3 models are listed below.

Single: 2100mm L x 700mm W x 750mm H and 7.6kg

King: 2100mm L x 1000mm W x 750mm H and 10.2kg

Double: 2100mm x 1350mm W x 750mm H and 13.1kg

All models have 2 secure sewn on web roll up bindings and clips to keep them rolled up and secure when in transit and approximately roll up to between 450mm to 500mm in diameter. The Double model comes with an extra 2 intermediate side steel poles and a steel spreader bar due to its width to ensure excellent water shedding.

You simply won’t find a better quality and more robust swag like these making them an excellent long term investment for use in the great Aussie outdoors.

Available now direct from SLOT ME IN™ with shipping available Australia wide. Shipping calculated from the website can vary depending on distance and weight. For any questions you may have prior to purchase please contact us direct here at SLOT ME IN™ so we can best help you with any additional information you may require and optional shipping pricing for remote areas. We are here to help you get the best from your purchase of our products which we proudly standby and use ourselves.

Pricing for the 3 sizes is below. Shipping will be additional and dependant on the destination and swag size.

Single: $485.00

King: $545.00

Double: $675.00 

Where will your next adventure be with an Aussie Outback Canvas Bug Proof Swag, BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours.

Cheers Waz from Oz™