SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ (Hikers & Bikers™) Edition.
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SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ (Hikers & Bikers™) Edition.

Introducing Australia’s if not the world’s FIRST and ONLY true commercially manufactured “FLAT PACK” full “ALUMINIUM” rocket stove made right here in Australia by SLOT ME IN™, the all new SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ “Hikers & Bikers™ Edition (AE™ for short) using 100% Aussie materials. This is the third model rocket stove in our range of products now. And yes you read that correctly a FULL ALUMINIUM ROCKET STOVE.

Now rocket stoves have been around for a very long time and come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest of structures to large cumbersome cooking stoves, all very bulky and space consuming and not something you would generally take away camping . However here at SLOT ME IN™ we’ve added our touch to the “rocket stove” by making it a TRUE and total “FLAT PACK” one beginning with the XP model in 2016, then the SS model released last month and now the AE model this month. All 3 models assemble with NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED and simply “SLOT” together in under a minute. After all that’s what we are best known for having invented the first “FLAT PACK” fire pit & camp cooker THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ way back in the 1970’s.

The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ is made by SLOT ME IN™ using a combination of 1.6mm, 3mm & 4mm thick aluminium. The assembled rocket stove weighs just 1.6kg and stands 320mm high x 250mm wide (viewed from the SLOT ME IN lettering cut outs) x 85mm wide (facing the “fuel feed” & “air intake” chutes and Australia map cut out on the chimney) when assembled (without the windshield). It has an impressive cookware support diameter of 230mm and can easily hold larger diameter cookware, with the windshield removed. It comes as complete “combo kit” with a removable “flat pack” windshield (that just “slots” together as well) and a heavy duty canvas storage bag to keep all the parts securely together when in transit or not being used.

At SLOT ME IN™ we are no strangers to the use of Aluminium with fire. We already have 2 model fire pits that are completely made from aluminium (THE WEDGE FIRE PIT’S™ Aussie Explorer™ 500 & 600 models) again Aussie and world FIRSTS, you can read about them in prior editions of our “LATEST NEWS” on our website (May 2018 & October 2018 respectively). Prior to these we released our aluminium smoker box/pizza oven accessory for THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™, the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Bush Oven™ (“LATEST NEWS” October 2016). So you can see that we are leading innovators and not imitators when it comes to quality outdoor products for you to enjoy, whether to cook on or simply to sit back and soak in the warm ambience by.

So it was just a natural progression and an inventive desire to release an all ALUMINIUM rocket stove based on our 2 existing rocket stoves, (XP & SS models  which are made from BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel and 304 18/10 stainless steel respectively also in our “LATEST NEWS” July 2016 & October 2018). Years of trials and testing have been put into all 3 models, that’s why we know they will stand up to the rigorous use and torturous heat that they will be subject to and have to endure.

The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ as it will be known will make its first debut at “The Great Outdoors & 4×4 Expo” in Gippsland, SALE (VIC) over 3 days November 16 -18, 2018 where we will be at site 11 demonstrating this and all our other products, along with cooking demonstrations.

Our last show for the 2018 follows on the very next weekend at Bendigo (VIC) “The Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest”, held at the Bendigo Racecourse, November 23 – 25 where we are with Outback Campers at site 110.

SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ overview.


Being a flat pack design means the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ won’t take up valuable space in your 4×4, camper trailer, caravan, vehicle, backpack, and touring motor or push bikes. In fact it will fit in the smallest of spaces like under your seat or even in the glove box of some vehicles. It’s basically the size of a large pencil case you might have had at school. Approximately 30cm x 35cm x 3cm when fully packed in the canvas storage bag included.


At only 1.6kg the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ is light enough to put in your backpack, motor bike or push bike saddle bags and take anywhere with you on your next adventure, whether BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™. In fact it’s under half the weight of our equivalent XP & SS models made from XLEPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel and 304 18/10 stainless steel respectively. When weight is a critical factor the AE™ model has that covered.


The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ is precision laser cut from Australia’s finest aluminium  to ensure it’s robust and durable for its intended use giving you trouble free service year after year.


The unique design of the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ produces exceptional heat output with very little fuel usage. An entire meal can be cooked with just a handful of sticks, twigs, bark and leaves (commonly called bio mass which is literally everywhere on the ground in the great outdoors in Oz), thanks to our unique “Air Chute Ratio” design and combustion chamber.


The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ is a hot burning rocket stove requiring only a small amount of solid fuel to produce a great amount of heat. The fuel can be dry plant matter such as sticks, twigs, bark and even leaves.  It consists of a combined vertical “chimney” and angled but divided “air chute” and “fuel feeder”. The chimney creates a “draft” which draws fresh air into the combustion chamber beneath the burning fuel via the air chute.

The air is preheated as it travels through the air chute to the combustion chamber, which maintains a higher combustion temperature. This along with the draft of the chimney leads to a cleaner burn and ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.

With rocket stoves you use the flame itself that rises up the chimney and comes into contact with your cookware to transfer heat to your food via the cookware heating up, similar to your gas or electric element stove at home. Care should be taken to ensure your cookware is “fire safe” for use on any rocket stove. Such cookware examples are cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, steel and similar. At slot me in all our cookware is “fire safe”. Do not use Teflon coated frypans or similar, they are not fire safe nor are they healthy for cooking in either. The coating over time breaks down and is toxic.


Small enough to go anywhere yet big enough to cook an entire meal for the whole family on the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ stands 320mm high x 250mm wide (facing the SLOT ME IN™ lettering cut outs x 85mm wide (facing the “fuel feed” and “air intake” chutes and map of Australia cut out) with an impressive cookware support diameter of 230mm when fully assembled.

Packed “FLAT” it is just over 10mm (1cm) “THIN”, an incredible SPACE SAVER taking up next to no room in your 4×4, camper trailer, caravan, vehicle, backpack and touring motor or push bikes.

Its unique design incorporates a series of “slots” and “tags” and requires NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS FOR ASSEMBLY going together in UNDER 1 MINUTE. It consists of 13 pieces in all (10 for the stove and 3 for the windshield) with each having its own distinct coupling (slot & tag position) to ensure simple assembly so it goes together with a minimum of fuss every time. Put simply each part has only one position it can fit in so there can be no mix ups or confusion when it comes to assembly.

A very handy feature on the SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ is the removable sliding base plate. When the fire has finished and cooled down after use you simply slide it out to clear the combustion chamber of any ash. This eliminates tipping and shaking the assembled unit upside down. There are also 2 handy tag holes in this base plate on each side that can be pinned to soft ground using 2 small tent pegs providing a secure and stable cooking stove platform.


The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ consists of 13 pieces, (10 for the stove & 3 for the windshield) that come “flat packed” and packaged with assembly instructions including a heavy duty canvas storage bag as well. No cheap plastic or inferior hessian bags here that will just fall apart and won’t last. We only use quality Aussie canvas for all of our storage bags, nothing else will do.


The SLOT ME IN™ Aussie Rocket Stove AE™ can be used for a variety of cooking and heating purposes. You can boil the billy for a cuppa on it or for some hot water to wash up the dishes with after cooking  a meal on it prior, using an array of cookware on it such as fry pans, skillets, hot plates and the like.

It uses very minimal solid fuel and as such will be a great asset when out camping helping conserve fuel and eliminating the need for disposable butane fuel cylinder type camp cookers.

And let’s not forget that weight, ONLY 1.6kg (rocket stove) that’s super light and means you can take it just about anywhere on your next adventure.

The combined weight of the full “combo” kit is 2.2kg with the stove 1.6kg, windshield 0.5kg and the bag 0.1kg.


We also have an extensive range of cookware and billy’s you can purchase for use on it as well all listed on our website.

The SLOT ME IN Aussie Rocket Stove AE model is now available now from SLOT ME IN™ direct or from authorized distributors AUSTRALIA WIDE for $399.00 plus postage/shipping costs.

Please note not all authorized distributors will keep it in stock and as such it may have to be ordered in as a special order which may incur additional shipping/freight costs.

Where will you take yours on your next adventure BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™?

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz