SLOT ME IN™ The Wedge Fire Pit Aussie Explorer™ 600
Extended Product Range (New Addition)

SLOT ME IN™ The Wedge Fire Pit Aussie Explorer™ 600

Back in May of this year 2018 we released Australia’s if not the world’s FIRST and total FLAT PACK full ALUMINIUM fire pit & camp cooker, SLOT ME IN’s own THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500 (see MAY 2018 LATEST NEWS on our website here for an in depth review of THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 500).

This month we released at Melbourne Leisurefest 2018, October 4-7 another ALUMINIUM fire pit & camp cooker, THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 600.

In the same format as the 500 model the 600 model refers to its length in mm. Taking years of development, testing and designing the 500 model was born, so too on its heels did the 600 model follow.

Proudly made by SLOT ME IN™ using 100% Aussie materials right here in Australia the new aluminium 600 model is the next addition to our aluminium fire pit & camp cooker range. By using aluminium we have achieved a significant weight reduction over an equivalent steel model. However it’s not just the material used but our ORIGINAL design that achieves not only weight reduction but durable and rugged performance as well.

So what are the advantages of aluminium over steel? Well weight probably is the most obvious one. Our EXPLORER™ range is designed to be taken to remote areas of Oz where the weight of the cargo taken is critical, often determining what goes on a trip and what remains behind. Corrosion resistance is another. There is no rust to worry about here with this fire pit & camp cooker.

Made using 6mm thick aluminium which is precision laser cut and brake press machine folded the bare bones aluminium 600 model fire pit body weighs 9.9 kg. Our same size steel 600 model THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER XPWB™ 600 (which by the way is only 4mm thick weighs 19.3kg). Imagine if the steel XPWB™ 600 model was the same thickness at 6mm thick, that would put the equivalent 6mm thick steel model around 28.95 some 19.05 kg more in weight. As it is now the same model steel 600 XPWB™ model is some 9.15kg heavier.

Yes aluminium has a lower melting point than that of steel, however with our ORIGINAL design including our patented unique V Plate™ drop in base taken originally from THE WEDGE FIRE PIT™ 500, 800 & 1100 steel models coupled with the correct drafting and ventilation slots and water filled under tray they enable it to perform with very minimal if not less distortion than that of equivalent steel fire pits. Put simply a naturally burning and aspirated fire in the fire box will not approach the melting point of aluminium. How do we know?, simply years of testing and development burning hardwood (mainly Red Gum and Iron Bark) fires and Aussie hardwood charcoal cook ups. Come see for yourself firsthand at an expo we will be at (all listed on our website) where we not only have them available for sale but demonstrate both the aluminium models with a fire burning, and cooking demonstrations in them as well.

Some of the new features in this model are the ability to operate a triple spit rotisserie set up all at once or 3 spit positions for a spit rotisserie rather than just one central spit position, a FIRST we pioneered with our WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ in a FLAT PACK fire pit & camp cooker. A wider body by 80mm over our ORIGINAL model, which was Australia’s FIRST and ORIGINAL full FLAT PACK fire pit & camp cooker dating back to the 1970’s, THE WEDGE FIRE PITS & CAMP COOKER™ models 450, 600 & 900. This wider body now gives a bigger cooking surface also and hence a larger fire pit  volume as well. It takes our 400mm wide stainless steel or cast iron grills along with our XLERPLATE™ or stainless steel 400mm wide RADIATIOR hot plate/grill combo options as well due to the now wider body. Bigger fire, larger cooking capacity and weight reduction are the gains for THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 600.

There are also optional windshield brackets (in stainless steel sold in pairs) available to use on THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 600 which enable all of our hot plates to be stood vertically on the long or short sides either as a storage position at camp or for use as a windshield when required.

Included in THE WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 600 kit are the following items.

  • Five piece aluminium fire box (2 long sides, 2 shorter ends and the drop in V Plate™)
  • Aluminium water fillable under tray. Saves your lawn or deck from damage while allowing you to use the fire pit on them, provided the tray is maintained with a constant level of water when in use.
  • Aluminium spit rotisserie support brackets x 4 pieces, (1 set). A double set is available as an optional accessory so you can run 3 spit rotisseries all at once if required.
  • Aluminium SLOT ME IN™ Multi-Tool.
  • Set of 304 stainless steel cookware support bars (4 short cross bars and 2 longer lengthwise bars) giving 2 levels of cookware support. All bars have our patented POZI LOK™ & POZI LIFT™ safety notches and lifting points to secure them whilst in use and remove them safely using the MULT-TOOL when required.
  • Heavy duty Aussie canvas storage bag to keep your entire kit together in when not required for use.
  • Heat resistant leather safety gloves (1 pair XL).
  • Detailed assembly, usage, care and safety guide.

Fully set up it measures 600mm L x 500mm W x 245mm H. It packs FLAT to the size of the tray 650mm x 450mm and 25mm when dissembled and stores entirely in the canvas storage bag which is supplied with the kit, now that’s a real SPACE SAVER.

Weight of the 5 piece fire box is 9.9kg and the total weight of the full kit is 14.25kg.

NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY either it just simply “SLOTS” together as our name suggests SLOT ME IN™  and it takes less than a minute to do so.

The WEDGE FIRE PIT AUSSIE EXPLORER™ 600 is available now for $999.00 (plus shipping), either direct from SLOT ME IN™ or from our authorized distributors located in all states and territories of Oz. Please note some distributors may not stock it and may have to order it in as a special order which may incur a shipping fee also.

Where will you take yours in the great Aussie outdoors, BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™?

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz.