SLOT ME IN™ Excalibur™ Rotisserie Kits
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SLOT ME IN™ Excalibur™ Rotisserie Kits

One of the most satisfying and tasty ways to cook over hot coals / charcoal is to use the spit or rotisserie method of cooking. The juices self-baste the meat as it rotates slowly over the heat source, giving off those unforgettable aromas imparting a smoky and mouthwatering flavour.

We are proud to announce the introduction (launched in December 2017 on our Facebook page) of a dedicated spit rotisserie kit for each of our fire pits and chiminea (currently 5 models, with more to come in 2018). The new Excalibur™ range of rotisserie kits consist of a single piece shaft made from 8mm square 304 18/10 food grade stainless steel with integrated heat dissipating spring handle of the same material combined with an 8kg rated battery motor (requires 2 x D Cell batteries), counter weight balance, a pair of cooking prongs and guide bush.

The shaft and spring handle are one piece. No more burnt or chipped wooden handles or cracked or melted plastic handles. No more shafts accidentally coming apart (possible with multi part screw together type shaft kits). The Excalibur™ shaft and handle are basically indestructible and designed for the serious outdoor cook. They are also 100% Aussie made using 100% Aussie materials by SLOT ME IN™.

Each model of our fire pits and chiminea range now has a dedicated rotisserie kit designed specifically for it, THE WEDGE™ 450, THE WEDGE™ 600, THE WEDGE™ 900, THE WOMBAT™ (which can hold 3 kits all at once) and the great new accessory for the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™, THE KOOKABOX™.

All are priced at $169.00 each and available now. Please note not all distributors of SLOT ME IN™ products will stock these so they may have to be ordered in as a special order and may incur a small shipping fee.
Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz