New Product


All the hard work in design, manufacture and testing of this great new accessory for the AUSSIE VOLCANO CHIMINEA™ has finally come to fruition. We are proud to announce the arrival of the all new KOOKABOX™ by SLOT ME IN™.

The KOOKABOX™ now gives the outdoor fire chef a whole new dimension and variety of methods to cook on the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ (Australia’s most unique and versatile chiminea). No other chiminea comes close to its originality, function and design.

Some of the KOOKABOX’S™ cooking features include GRILL, BBQ, SPIT ROTISSERIE (both with and without hood), SMOKER (multi-level and hanging), PIZZA OVEN (multi-level), ROASTING & BAKING OVEN (multi-level) just to name a few.

It consists of two main parts. A lower “body” made from the same 5mm thick BlueScope XLERPLATE® TRU-SPEC™ steel that the chiminea is made from with an integrated locating tube that slots into the open top of the chiminea. Once inserted the lower “body” will not fall out and is able to be spun 360° in any direction to enable cooking from any side of the chiminea. The upper half is a removable “hood” and door made from 3mm BlueScope XLERPLATE® TRU-SPEC™ steel which can be added or removed as required according to the style of cook up. It even has slots on the side of the “hood” so you can have a rotisserie operating under it if you choose.

Like the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™, the KOOKABOX™ is 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials by a 100 Aussie company here at SLOT ME IN™.

The lower “body” on its own can have a grill or grill / hot plate added (optional extras available from our range here at SLOT ME IN™, see our website under “Fire Pits & Accessories”) to become an open top BBQ or GRILL and there are removable rotisserie support brackets included to enable a rotisserie (optional spit rotisserie kits available also) to be utilized as a SPIT ROTISSERIE. The lower “body” accepts grills or grill / grill hotplates 485mm L x 400mm W  a common size available and might even be on your gas bbq at home and most rotisseries. If not we have ours specifically designed and manufactured by us at SLOT ME IN™ for the KOOKABOX™ all here ready to go.

The “hood” enables further styles of cooking like SMOKING, PIZZA OVEN or ROASTING as it has a ledge inside to enable another grill to be added to become multi-level. There is even a hanging rail at the top of the ridge inside the “hood” that can be used to hang produce from when smoking food as well as the 2 levels of grills. The “hood” also has a removable door to lock in smoke and heat. There are 2 adjustable vent daisy wheels as well on the hood roof, front and rear to regulate both heat and smoke.

Approximate specifications are as follows:

BASE: 630mm L x 440mm W x 270mm H and 18.5kg (Supports a 485mm x 400mm grill or grill/hot plate available separately in several options). HOOD  & DOOR: 605mm L x 460mm W x 450mm H and 24kg (Supports a 485mm x 400 grill available separately in several options) with 2 adjustable venting daisy wheels on each roof slope and internal hang rail along the ridge underside inside the hood. (Door opening: 475mm W x 320mm H). Overall the complete KOOKABOX ™: (base, hood with door and rotisserie brackets in place) 830mm L x 440mm W x 720mm H and 42.5kg. Note: the “base” has a fixed 150mm length of tube that inserts into the open top of the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™, so when inserted will be 570mm in total height above the chininea with hood installed.

Note: The lower “base” section if used on its own as a bbq or grill must be used with either a full grill or grill / hotplate combo plate to allow the heat and smoke to pass through and let the fire below in the chiminea to draw and burn without starving the fire of natural draft and oxygen. A rotisserie used on the “base” is either best done with just a grill below it or nothing at all. This also applies to the use of the “hood” and “base” combined when smoking, roasting, pizza oven etc on the upper level only or using the rotisserie option with the hood in place then no grill or grill / grill hotplate is required in the lower “base” in these instances. Having a lower grill in the “base” increases capacity and cooking options though. Ideally two grills and a grill / hotplate combo will give you the most cooking options and a rotisserie kit will enhance it even further.

Combined with the use of the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ “Removable Vent Door™” (sold separately) in place you can regulate the flow of heat and smoke in the fire box below with endless cooking possibilities. Once all the cooking is done the KOOKABOX™ can be removed and you can all sit around the Aussie Volcano Chiminea™ and enjoy its warm ambience as a fire pit. Something you can’t do around a dedicated bbq, smoker or pizza oven on their own outdoors.

The KOOKABOX™ (base, hood, door and rotisserie support brackets) is available now for $995.00. Please note that the KOOKABOX™ and accessories may not be stocked by distributors of SLOT ME IN™ products and may have to be ordered in as a special order and could have extra shipping fees incurred. Grills, grill / hot plates and rotisserie kits are optional extras from the range on the SLOT ME IN™ website in stainless steel, cast iron and XLERPLATE® TRU-SPEC™ steel.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz