Solidteknics™ Cookware AUS-ION™ (Selected set of 4 pieces plus some freebies)
Special Offer

Solidteknics™ Cookware AUS-ION™ (Selected set of 4 pieces plus some freebies)

This month (for all of October 2017) here at SLOT ME IN™ we are offering a combined set of the following 4 selected items from the Solidteknics AUS-ION™ range of 100% Aussie made cookware for the all up price of $500.00 with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE gift of a SLOT ME IN GRIP ‘N’ FLIP™ Stainless Steel BBQ Tool. (Australia only, international orders have a shipping fee depending on the destination) That’s a minimum saving of $106.00 off the RRP plus shipping costs for arguably some of the world’s best cookware.

The cookware items are as follows below (displayed in the above image)

  • Solidteknics™ 18cm AUS-ION™ Skillet (RRP $99.00) new satin model
  • Solidteknics™ 26cm AUS-ION™ Skillet (RRP $129.00) new satin model
  • Solidteknics™ 26cm AUS-ION™ Flaming Skillet (RRP $179.00) new satin model
  • Solidteknics™ 30cm AUS-ION™  Skillet (RRP $169.00) new satin model
  • Slot Me In Grip ‘n’ Flip™ Stainless Steel BBQ Tool (RRP $30.00) long model

THAT’S $606.00 RRP value for $500.00 and FREE shipping (Aust only) including GST.

Limited to one set per customer, and only while current stocks last for all of October 2017 or until sold out. Strictly private buyers and no trade sales.

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We will have another new offer coming next month, November 1, 2017 also. It will appear on our Facebook page in one form and here in our “Latest News” segment on the website in another. Best you keep a keen eye out for it or like our page so it pops up in your newsfeed on Facebook or visit our website occasionally to keep up to date on new releases and offers.

Solidteknics™ cookware is safe to use on open fire cooking and is right at home in your home on gas, electric, induction and halogen heat sources. In fact it’s used by some of the world’s best chefs and also in some of the world’s best restaurants. There is nothing like it in the world. They are made from a single piece of high carbon steel laser cut and formed with no joins (the handle and cooking body are one, no rivets, no welds no joins) They are seasoned naturally so unlike Teflon coated so called nonstick cookware (which by the way you can’t use on open fires for cooking) they last forever. Eventually Teflon coated cookware scratches and breaks down or the handles break or come loose (not to mention the toxic chemicals leaching into your food from the Teflon) and they have to be replaced. So even by buying cheap ones its false economy, as eventually they will need replacing over and over again. Not so with Solidteknics™ cookware. In fact they will outlive you I and will be passed down from generation to generation. That’s why there is no time expiry on the warranty they come with. Don’t just take our word for it here at SLOT ME IN™ go on-line to their website and see for yourself. You can also click on the link on our website here in “Camping Cookware” then select “Solidteknics™” and scroll to the bottom to their website link and click on it where you will discover more information.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.
Cheers, Waz from Oz