New Product


As an authorized distributor and stockist of SOLIDTECKNICS™ cookware SLOT ME IN™ is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest edition in the world’s best cookware. The new SOLIDTEKNICS™ AUS-ION™ 35cm Wok is the 16th piece of cookware now available from the huge range in both AUS-ION™ (formed low carbon steel) and AUSfonte™ (cast iron) from SOLIDTEKNICS™. All are 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials and safe to use with all heating sources including an open fire. (Note: not suitable for use in a microwave as per any metal cookware).

For the full range go to our link “COOKWARE” and then “Solidteknics™” for all pricing and descriptions and images.

Available from us directly this new wok is now available and in stock here at SLOT ME IN™ for $249.00 plus shipping. We ship Australia and worldwide so you can have the very best in cookware where ever you are.

Happy camping, cooking, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz