SMI Aussie Fire Pit / Chiminea Deck Trolley™ (Smooth)
New Product

SMI Aussie Fire Pit / Chiminea Deck Trolley™ (Smooth)

Introducing the all new SMI AUSSIE FIRE PIT / CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ (smooth model). This great new product adds a whole new dimension to enjoying your fire pit safely at home on a deck or patio. If your familiar with THE WEDGE or THE WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS™ you will already know about our invention of the “original” and total “flat pack” fire pits, that come with their own safety water fill-able under tray so you can burn them on the ground without doing any damage to your lawn or the bush environment for that matter, leaving no ugly black scar like conventional fires on the ground do, as do most fire pits also.

Now off course both THE WEDGE & WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS™ are just as much at home in the backyard. They are not just for the bush and camping. In fact a large percentage of sales are specifically for home use. Not everyone can get out camping every week nor do they all have a huge yard or lawn to enjoy them on so we set about to solve that dilemma. With ever decreasing house block sizes and increasing house sizes the Aussie back yard lawn is getting smaller and smaller. Also apartments and units often don’t even have a lawn. Sometimes decks and patios are the only outdoor spaces to enjoy a fire on. This is where the SMI AUSSIE FIRE PIT / CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ comes to the rescue. It’s a large trolley (950mm x 950mm square) and sits 120mm above the surface such as a deck or paving on 4 heavy duty swivel castors. Each castor is rated at 100kg and has a ball bearing race construction, they are also 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie materials as well. The castors have a very safe heavy duty polyurethane tread compound which eliminates scratching or damaging timber decking or paving with an all up safe load including the trolley of 400kg (provided the load is stable, not off balance and the surface it sits on is level and capable of supporting a concentrated load in the foot print of the trolley).

There is ample room for THE WEDGE OR WOMBAT FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKERS™ to sit easily on top including their respective water fill-able under trays, which by the way should still be used and filled with water. When not in use you can simply move the whole set up out of the way or position it on your deck or patio without raising a sweat or involving heavy lifting to where you would like to enjoy your fire.

The edges of the trolley are folded downwards to conceal the wheels giving the trolley the appearance of floating above the deck or patio. There is also ample storage space on the trolley to stack fire wood and keep your fire tools handy also. Each trolley is made from 3mm thick 100% Aussie, genuine BlueScope XLERPLATE™ TRU-SPEC™ steel by us here at SLOT ME IN and weighs 28.3 kg.

Remember no fire should be left unattended at any time. An adult should be present and in supervision at all times. Any fire restrictions should be adhered to as well. All open fires on the trolley should only be used outdoors and not in enclosed spaces paying particular attention to positioning next to walls and in undercover areas with low roof structures, as should the amount of fuel being burnt at any one time. Sufficient clearance in a full 360 degrees circle around an open fire on the trolley of any combustible materials should also be taken into consideration just like at a camp site with an open fire.

The new SMI AUSSIE FIRE PIT / CHIMINEA DECK TROLLEY™ brings a whole new dimension to enjoying a fire at home and is also suitable for use in pubs, clubs, wineries, bars, bistros, cafes, restaurants in fact where ever a safe trolley is required to support a fire pit, chiminea or even an outdoor gas upright heater or the like on decking or paving when needed to be moved about for positioning or storage.

They are available now from authorized distributors of SLOT ME IN™ products if stocked or can be ordered in as a special order for $449.00 plus shipping. ( Note: shipping will vary from stockiest to stockiest depending on the distance from our base here in Melbourne, VIC ).

Stay tuned next month when we release another great new SLOT ME IN™ product here on our website.
Happy camping, cooking, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly.

Cheers, Waz from Oz