Rotisserie Motor Arm Extension
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Rotisserie Motor Arm Extension

Here we are releasing the new Rotisserie Motor Arm Extension (which by the way is included now in the Ultimate Combo Kit, forming part of the 4 piece rotisserie support bracket kit). As you know cooking with fire (correctly coals is not as easy as your oven at home, but far more fun and with better flavours). The main problem if we can call it that is people tend to use too much heat or have the fuel or too much of it incorrectly placed in THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER™ or similar when cooking a spit roast using a rotisserie which can transmit to the rotisserie motor and may effect battery performance in the battery models or wiring performance in the mains powered model. This also often happens on gas BBQ’s where the motor is mounted right outside the hood or close to the end burner.

With the new Rotisserie Motor Arm Extension (our invention here at Slot Me In) the rotisserie motor is now offset a full 150mm away from the fire box short end giving it better heat reduction uptake and better heat dissipation. You actually gain a little more cooking area too as you can now spread the coals out a bit further without the risk of getting the motor too hot further enhancing THE WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™ features. Although only one comes with the Ultimate Combo Kit designed to be used at the motor end you can add one at the other end as well (handle end of the shaft) thus keeping the handle further away from the short end of the fire box and gain a bit more cooking area here as well, especially if grilling underneath the same time as using a rotisserie. Best of all it retro-fits all existing WEDGE FIRE PIT & CAMP COOKER’S™ and as we mentioned one comes in the Ultimate Combo Kit.

Available separately for $15.00 from your nearest stockiest (if stocked).

With postage anywhere in Australia for $35.00 for 1 or $50.00 for 2.