Aussie Drink Mate
New Product

Aussie Drink Mate

Introducing the new Aussie Drink Mate shown here fully loaded. It’s capable of holding 2 stubbies or cans in drink holders along with 2 glasses of wine and a wine bottle. It also has a removable nibbly holder with a bowl for say chips, biscuits, nuts etc and has an inbuilt stubby opener as well. It comes complete with its own storage bag and disassembles to a compact size. You simply screw the two part shaft together and then the holder at the top and twist on the bowl holder and add the bowl then spike into the ground with the foot bar for a secure fixing.

Just the thing at camp after a long day, unwinding in front of a warm camp fire with friends enjoying your favourite beverage in your comfy camp chair. All your goodies beside you when you require them.

It’s 100% Aussie made from 100% Aussie steel in a powder-coated finish available in 3 colours, black, purple & hammer-tone black/silver.

Available now for $49.00 plus postage.