SMI Aussie Oyster Tray™
Product Range Expansion

SMI Aussie Oyster Tray™

Following last month’s initial launch of the SMI Aussie Oyster Tray™ (3mm thick 304, 18/10 food grade stainless steel and open fire safe model) we have received numerous requests from the restaurant and hospitality industry for a commercial variation suitable for use in ovens and BBQ’s as well for domestic cooking. As it doesn’t need the same robust strength for use on open fires as such we are now offering the option of another thickness of 1.6mm in the same material. All dimensions are the same (except the thickness is 1.6mm and weight now 1.52kg). Refer to last month’s release for all the other features. It is ideal for use in commercial kitchens and in BBQ’s and ovens in domestic cooking situations and is dishwasher safe. As we are very particular and proud of the quality of our unique products we recommend the 3mm thick model if you intend to use it in open fire cooking due to the higher temperatures encountered there over ovens and BBQ’s.

The two options will be now called:

1/ SMI Aussie Oyster Tray™ 3mm fire safe.

2/ SMI Aussie Oyster Tray™ 1.6mm BBQ & oven safe.

Available now (1.6mm thick model) for $119.00 from your nearest distributor (if stocked).

The 3mm thick model is $189.00 from your nearest distributor (if stocked).