Slot Me In™ Equilateral Full Hot Plate & Grill
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Slot Me In™ Equilateral Full Hot Plate & Grill

Following on from last month’s release of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ by Slot Me In™ we are proud to announce two new great cooking accessories specifically designed for it, the Equilateral Full Hot Plate and Equilateral Full Grill, hot on the heels of this month’s earlier release of the Equilateral Combo Grill / Hot Plate. The Equilateral Full Hot Plate and Full Grill are stunning designs, most fittingly for an equally stunning fire pit, the Equilateral Fire Pit™. Not only are these two originally designed and manufactured hot plate and grill visually stunning, they perform just as brilliantly too.

The Equilateral Full Hot Plate and Equilateral Full Grill are made from Australia’s finest 5mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™-Tru Spec™ 350 HR grade and 5mm thick 304 18/10 food grade stainless steel options. They mirror the triangular shape of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ with both sides tapering at 60 degrees with downward folded tabs under the handles that securely locate them on two of the three sides of the Equilateral Fire Pit™ for safety. There is ample room for a huge variety of “KOOKUPS™” on the large hot plate or grill surface areas. Their stunning design is in keeping with the Equilateral Fire Pit™ based on an equilateral triangle. There are two ergonomic handles carrying on from our Wedge Fire Pit 500, 800 and 1100 series of hot plates, grills and combo grill / hot plates that make lifting on or off a breeze. When installed and used on the Equilateral Fire Pit™ there is also ample room to continue to add fuel to the fire without the need to move the hot plate or grill.

Apart from the downward folded guide tabs and ergonomic handles there are two other upward folds each at the top and bottom edges of the hot plate and grill of 45 degrees to add strength to the design and yes stop the snags from falling into the fire below too. Each hot plate and grill is precision CNC laser cut from a single piece of the respective steel option and brake press folded resulting in a work of “ART IN STEEL”.

Made from 100% Aussie materials and right here in Oz by Slot Me In™ they are made for a lifetime of use for over fire cooking, serving up meal after meal for guests and family when entertaining outdoors. Not only will they perform faultlessly time after time they will “OUTLIVE” the cook and be truly a hand me down cooking accessory that can be passed down to the next generation to enjoy too. Just like all of our hot plates and grills they can be used directly over a ground fire too with the addition of our optional removable hot plate legs. The models in Xlerplate™ steel will be stocked items and we will offer the stainless steel models made to order on request with approximately 2 weeks lead time from ordering.

Specification measurements of both metal options of the Equilateral Full Hot Plate and Full Grill are the same and are as follows.

785mm L (top edge) tapering to 345mm L (bottom edge) x 380mm W and 105mm H (base of side fold to top of handle) x 5mm thick. Weights are the same for both metal options with The Equilateral Full Hot plate weighing 12kg while the Equilateral Full Grill weighs 10kg 

Available now from Slot Me In™ and our authorized distributors for $219.00 (Full Hot Plate) and $309.00 (Full Grill) in the Xlerplate™ options or $349.00 (Full Hot Plate) and $449.00 (Full Grill) in the stainless steel options (with a 2 week lead time as mentioned for the stainless steel options). Please note that not all of our resellers may stock the Xlerplate™ models and they may need to be ordered in as a special order incurring an additional freight charge. The stainless steel options need to be ordered and paid for in full with the order as they are a custom order and will ship approximately 2 weeks from the order to our reseller making the sale or to the customer purchasing direct from the website store.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™