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Commercial Release


Originally invented back in the late 1970’s by Warren Wood (Waz) in a metal work class as an assignment for assessment while still at high school the very first example was a simple four sided slot together self-contained fire pit that stood clear of the ground incorporating opposing slots and assembled without the aid of fixings or tools. It came apart just as simply too and packed flat. It was basically hand made using the tools available at that time. Most of the innovative additions were developed over the ensuing years by Waz from necessity being an avid camper, hiker and bush cook and have been made possible with the aid of modern laser cutting and fabrication technology. Through his business Woodville Constructions specializing in metal fabrication stemming from a background in carpentry, engineering and construction the modern version released commercially here is a culmination of his passion and pursuit for design originality, function, quality and durability. By the way the origin of the name “THE WEDGE” comes from his favourite Aussie bird the mighty WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE and the shape of the short end of the fire box reflects the distinctive “V”shape of the tail feathers when in flight of this majestic bird and hence bears the name “THE WEDGE”.

Now this compact, versatile and truly “FLAT PACK” fire pit has a host of uses. As its name suggests it just wedges or slots together in a matter of seconds. It disassembles just as quickly too. No tools, nuts, bolts, or screws etc are required. Invented and developed by Waz it is manufactured by SLOT ME IN™ also owned by Waz, right here in Australia using 4mm thick Australian BlueScope Xlerplate® Tru-Spec® steel. It’s tough, it’s rugged and it can handle the harsh Australian environment. I bet Ned Kelly wished he had this steel as his armour. A must for all campers, 4×4 enthusiasts, caravan, camper trailer and RV owners or just the backyard at home.