SMI Equilateral TriRize™ XP & SS 600 Models
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SMI Equilateral TriRize™ XP & SS 600 Models

This month we release 2 new variants of our 600 Equilateral TriRize™ fire pit design, the SMI XP600 Equilateral TriRize™ Fire Pit (made from 4mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate Tru-Spec steel) and the SMI SS600 Equilateral TriRize™ Fire Pit (made from 4mm thick stainless steel). 

Both models consist of only 3 pieces of Australia’s finest steel which is precision CNC laser cut. Each model fire pit simply “SLOTS” together with NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY in under a minute. To dismantle the procedure is simply reversed and they pack “FLAT” for transportation and storage too. 

The unique “TriRize™” design draws its heritage from our larger model 800 series SMI Equilateral TriRize™ XP Fire Pits (vented and solid variations). The new 600 size series is perfect to take away camping or for use set up in the backyard at home too. 

Our existing SMI Equilateral Camper 600 Combo Grill/Hot Plates XP & SS models (XP being Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ & SS being steel & stainless steel) fit perfectly too for true FLAME ‘N’ COALS™ over the fire cooking and that real bbq flavour.

Each model SMI Equilateral 600 TriRize™ Fire Pit (XP & SS) assembled measures 630mm W (side to side) x 600mm D (front to back) and 440mm H and weighs 20.300kg. The equilateral triangular inverted pyramid shaped fire bed section is raised well above the ground some 170mm providing an ambient and comfortable height for viewing when seated and for heat transmission too, without scorching the ground below. The fire bed is 270mm deep and on the 3 intersecting points forming the equilateral triangle they taper down to allow for good oxygen intake to keep your fire burning efficiently. When packed “FLAT” the 3 pieces measure 630mm L x 615mm W x 12mm H and will fit in our optional storage bag model TSB5. 

Other accessories to consider especially for spit rotisserie cooking over FLAME ‘N’ COALS™ in your SMI Equilateral TriRize™ Fire Pit 600 is our OZSPIT & BBQ range here on our website.

Both model SMI Equilateral TriRize™ XP & SS Fire Pits are available now exclusively from Slot Me In™ and we ship Australia wide.

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