SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head™
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SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head™

The SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head™ by Slot Me In™ isn’t your average run of the mill tripod head. 100% Australian made using 100% Australian BlueScope™ Xlerpate™ Tru-Spec™ steel (head section) in a 5mm thickness this “head” section of the tripod structure has 3 unique hexagonal locating holes configured in an equilateral triangular pattern. These 3 holes are for the provision of inserting 3 sticks/branches or similar of ideal length around 1.5m each (not supplied) to form a cooking tripod structure. Attached to the “head” section and fully adjustable with a locking point is a 1000mm length of heavy duty 316 marine grade stainless steel chain (25mm link length & 4mm thick). At the end of the chain is a heavy-duty hook also made from 5mm thick BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel.

Both ends of the chain attachments (to “head” and “hook”) are by the traditional time-honoured method of cold solid riveting (black smithed) using steel 6.25mm diameter rivets for a lifetime of use. The crook opening in the “hook” is 25mm easily accommodating all types of wire or spring handled camp ovens, billys or similar for use over FLAME ‘N’ COALS™.

The “head” section measures 110mm W x 100mm D x 10mm H also shaped in an equilateral triangle shape and combined with the “hook” and chain the entire assembly weighs just 0.570kg. It packs very compactly too, easily fitting say into your glove box, billy, saucepan or camp oven ready for use whenever required ready for your next KOOKUP™.

Your 3 sticks/branches should be as mentioned around 1500mm in length and 30mm roughly in diameter (as a minimum) with the top ends whittled down each to protrude 50mm through the 3 locating holes in the head section to lock in for optimum use. The base of the sticks should then be spread equally apart in angle and distance to form a tripod formation (equilateral triangular pattern) over your fire (kept central) and the chain length adjusted and locked into position to suit the size of the fire, style of cooking and particular cookware being used.

Another great accessory you might want to consider if you own or intend use any of the Solidteknics™ cookware products with equal size/dual handles from a tripod is the SMI Aussie Daddy Long Legs™ developed and manufacture by Slot Me In™ exclusively for them released this month also.

The SMI Aussie Flaty Tripod Head™ is available now exclusively from Slot Me In™ for $69.00 plus postage of $19.00 Australia wide.

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