SLOT ME IN™ Ultimate Frying Object™ XP & SS models
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SLOT ME IN™ Ultimate Frying Object™ XP & SS models

The SLOT ME IN™ UFO 600™ or as we like to call it here at SLOT ME IN™, the “SLOT ME IN™  ULTIMATE FRYING OBJECT™”, is a circular combination  grill and hot plate with 3 removable “SLOT” in legs to raise it above a ground fire. “NO TOOLS OR FIXINGS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY”, the legs simply slip on and off to raise the combo grill & hot plate 200mm above a ground fire beneath to cook on or boil the billy on for a cuppa at camp.

Made in 2 different material options both 5mm thick there is the BlueScope Xlerplate™ Tru-Spec™ steel “XP” model and one made from 304 18/10 food grade stainless steel, the “SS” model.  Both are made using 100% Aussie materials and are 100% Aussie made by SLOT ME IN™ right here in Australia. 

A series of holes and slots on about approximately 60% of the surface area of the combo grill and hot plate allows for over the fire and coals flame grilling with the remainder being a solid hot plate surface for frying. There is even a dedicated section with holes to leave the billy on (close to the centre) while cooking around it.

Both models are precision laser cut from the finest Australian steel and being 5mm thick will last a lifetime cooking up all manner of meals. When set up the SLOT ME IN UFO 600™ will even support a large camp oven on top so it can gradually cook over the coals or fire below as well and simmer away. You simply build up the fire or coals as required underneath for your particular type of cook up.

When not in use the legs slip off and it totally “FLAT PACKS” making it a real “SPACE SAVER”. The combo hot plate & grill measures 600mm in diameter about the size or smaller than  most spare wheels and can be stored in the boot of most cars on the spare wheel for transit if need be with the legs keep there as well. Of course you can stow it in a canvas bag or similar if need be also with your camping gear. It sets ups in seconds and packs away (when cooled and cleaned) in next to no time just as quickly.

The SLOT ME IN™ UFO 600™ kit consists of 4 pieces in either the “XP” or “SS” models (1 x combo grill & hot plate and 3 x legs).

Plate diameter is 600mm (both models)

Set up height above ground to the base of the hot plate & grill is 200mm (both models)

Weight is 10.4kg (both models)

Available now exclusively from SLOT ME IN™. 

SLOT ME IN™ UFO XP™ (Xlerplate™ Tru- Spec™ steel model) $199.00 plus shipping.

SLOT ME IN™ UFO SS™ (304 18/10 stainless steel model) $399.00 plus shipping.

Happy cooking, camping, travels and enjoy your fire responsibly wherever you find yourself in this great land of ours BACKYARD, BUSH or BEYOND™.

Cheers Waz from Oz™.

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